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RE: The story of Black Pete and St.Nicolas

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First off, this was a really amazing post. I'd seen a post about Black Pete earlier, and though I'm not from the Netherlands was shocked to hear the explanation was a chimney. Racism is somewhat prevalent world wide, to what degree I won't know until I start traveling. Mostly I think it's ignorance, so it's important to educate people by interacting with them. Good job in doing that here.

Your story is really amazing and I'm really glad to have you here on Steemit. I hope you stick with it and continue to share your tales.

A few things: be sure to put your posts in Steemit Chat in the post-promotion channels. Steemit Chat can be found in the upper right hand menu.

If you're just getting started, you'll probably want to read this and this.

If you have any questions or want criticism or tips, don't be afraid to ask the kind folks in #steemprentice in Steemit Chat! Also, consider doing a verification post. Just take a picture of yourself with the word Steemit, the date, and your user name written on a piece of paper.


Thank you, thank you for the feedback.
And yes i just started here, so i am green as grass and still have to discover a lot of things.
So, any advice or tips is welcome yes. :)

But i just got started and this feedback motivate me to keep going.
Thanks for that!!

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