Red's Lucky Day And The Third Assassin

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

We're in a series about one of the best Texas Rangers to ever wear the badge, the great Frank Hamer, who was brought out of retirement to take down Bonnie and Clyde.


In the last post Frank and Gee McMeans or McUgly as I call him, finished their fight with McMeans himself being finished. Frank was badly shot up though and in excruciating pain from being shot in the leg and shoulder.

McUgly's henchman, Red, was running down the sidewalk away from Frank when we ended the post.

Today's story

When Frank's brother, Harrison, heard all the shootin he ran back to the garage as fast as he could. He arrived just in time to see Red running away so he grabbed his Winchester rifle from the car and took dead aim at Red's back.

Frank says, "Don't! Not in the back." Red ducked into a restaurant and Harrison gave chase but couldn't find him. Later when he was asked why he didn't shoot Red in the back Frank just said, "I couldn't shoot the damned coward in the back."

Red was lucky it was Frank

Even in the heat of battle and full of fury he had honor. The Sheriff arrived a few minutes later and arrested Frank, Harrison, Gladys, and Rocky. Rocky?!

I don't know why they would arrest Rocky but then we have no photos of her, maybe she looked like a killer. lol. (Rocky was Gladys's sister-in-law).

The Sheriff confiscated all the guns too: Seven revolvers, three rifles, two shotguns, and two semi-automatic pistols!

They all went to jail except Frank who was carried to the courthouse where a doctor treated him but couldn't get alot of the metal out of his shoulder. Then they sent him to jail too.

Quite the medical treatment they gave huh? With wounds that serious they didn't even get him to a hospital! That was pathetic.

Too late and a dollar short

Later that day another hired gunman by the name of Higdon arrived in Sweetwater by train. He was supposed to meet up with McUgly to help ambush Frank.

This job was NOT well planned!

Sweetwater, TX, 1917:


When he saw a covered body being taken into the funeral parlor he loudly proclaimed, "that he'd planned to kill Frank Hamer and that McMeans hadn't the decency to wait for him."

A bystander told him that the job was still open, Frank was injured in the shootout but was still alive and that McMeans hadn't hogged all the glory after all.

A shocked Higdon grumbled that "it wouldn't do to take on a wounded man, not a decent thing at all." He hopped on the next train out of town! Big talkers usually fade fast when faced with real danger but he shows back up later in the story.

The sad part

McMeans was mean and ugly actin but he was also married and had an 11 yr old son. They shipped his body back home to them the next day.

I feel sorry for them because he's the one that made the really disastrous decision to try and murder Frank, not them.


This story continues in the next post.

Thanks for reading folks, God bless you all!

PS- Now on a lighter note, I found a dream of a vending machine. It's not just an ice cream vending machine, it's an ice cream MAKING vending machine!

MooBella ice cream came out with this thing. It has 14 different flavors and you can choose your combination with a total of 96 variations, all in 40 seconds.



Check out this cool video:

They're rollin 'em out this year but only in New England, unfortunately. They need to put them where it's hot. Texas needs you MooBella!




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@janton, I love your stories. And I don't think Sweetwater has changed in 100 years.

Howdy sir blockurator! I just read your great post about the free public use photos, tremendously helpful! Anyway, thanks for the kind words and have you been to Sweetwater?

I've been through Sweetwater. I may have stuck around once or twice, for a meal or something. I grew up in Texas. Born and raised in Dallas, so I've been all over the state, mostly north and east Texas. Though, I confess, now living in Pennsylvania since 2006, it's been years since I've been anywhere near Sweetwater. When I was there last, it seemed to be as staid as it ever was. :-)

I'm sure it hasn't changed a bit! The giant growth is all around the larger cities of course. Even our little town of Caddo Mills is exploding with new developments that have hundreds of condos in them, it's amazing. Over a thousand people a day moving here, mostly from CA and NY.

What took you to Pennsylvania, career?

From California and New York? That's interesting.

My wife brought me here, courtesy of Uncle Sam. I was a National Guard officer and spent 2005 in Iraq. While I was gone, my wife moved us up here to be closer to the grandchildren. She grew up around here. We're near Gettysburg.

I see, well thank you for your service sir blockurator. Yes, with so many people from liberal states moving in they think Texas will turn blue in a few years, things are changing and the Texas culture that has always been will mostly be a fond memory.

I'd love to visit the battlefield there someday.

We'd love to have you!

I'll make it

Frank must have been in a lot of pain as he got older with all those injuries and them being cared for properly.
Good to know he was honorable-would not shoot someone in the back even if that someone tried to kill him first.

Howdy redheadpei! I agree and it makes me wonder if I would have done the same, or NOT done the same. Maybe I would shoot for the lower legs. I haven't gotten to his story when he is old but it'll be interesting, I'd think he'd have to have all kinds of problems from all the damage and bullets still in him!

I hope that sheriff figures out what's what soon and Frank gets the care he needs. That's pretty awful.
Moobella! How fun. I splurged today while I was out and had a pumpkin shake from Culver's. A delightful Halloween treat!

Oh that sounds heavenly! Do they have MooBella ice cream up there? I've never heard of it.
Yeah I can just see the old Doc, probably from the Wild West days, looking him over and sayin "He'll live. I've seen worse!" lol. I don't think he got anymore treatment. Probably didn't even have pain killers to give him.

I've never heard of Moobella before, but then I'm out of the loop on a lot of things!

Since they are setting the machines up in New England I figured they must be from that area. I think they should place them in FL or Texas. I assume you guys also did some traveling in New England?

I've spent lots of time in Central New York, and have traveled through Vermont and New Hampshire, and a bit of Maine.
Culver's has the best ice cream. They are a Wisconsin institution! I have never seen an ice cream vending machine, but I would probably be tempted to give it a try if I came across one!

I've never seen Culvers so I guess they don't get down here unfortunately. I'd give any ice cream making vending machine a try! How has your day gone? You know what? It was 30 degrees last night, set a record. And it was 50 today, the normal for this time of year is 73. Supposed to get done to 31 tonight.

I've been posting about the 6 inches of snow we got.
Culver's started in Wisconsin, a mom and pop business in Central WI in the next town over from where I lived. Their ice cream was worth the trip. Their food is pretty decent, too. The franchise is huge and we actually have 3 of them in my town now. There are some in Texas, but it looks like they are only in the cities.

Howdy tonight Melinda! Sorry I missed this yesterday. Ok, so it's not just an ice cream maker, I'll probably run into them sometime I'm sure.

Red was lucky it was Frank. Frank was lucky it was Red. 😊

lol! Great point sir Vincent, Red was a rank amateur at this killin stuff!

McUgly and McMean, huh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Yes sir, McMean was a mean and ugly character so I nicknamed him McUgly. lol.

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Howdy brittandjosie! I know, you have to read the whole series to know what's going on so my reaction would be the same. lol. God bless you all over there!

It was only for the moobella

Oh yes, that gets the same reaction from me too! lol.

I've missed some of the series, and I assume Frank is no longer a Texas Ranger at this point, as I don't think he'd be arrested if he was. Was the arrest because he killed McUgly?

Howdy sir free-reign! Yes this post is in the middle of a long series. He got arrested because he killed McUgly and the Sheriff had to figure out what went down and who was at fault. That part's in the next post.

Thanks so much for commenting!

Interesting that these tough and seemingly ruthless guys had some codes of honor, not shooting a man in the back, not going after an injured man. Nothing to do with the rats that polute our streets who kill women, elders, and/or children with no remorse.

Howdy sir hlezama! They truly did, at that time anyway. Is it that bad in Venezuela? Are things getting worse?

Yes, sir. I was born and raised in a small town that was so safe you could sleep dead drunk in the middle of a public square with a wallet full of money. Noone would dare steal. Someone would probably pick you up and take you home, then report the wallet to you with all the money inside.
Now underage kids walk the town displaying assault riffles they get from some general who needs his own private army to fight some other gang and get extra money from collecting fees from the hard-working people in town.
They get calls, if they don't pay, they are massacred in plain sight, in front of their families, preferably. Some kids go around on motorcycles showing their chainsaws. Several peole have been chopped to pieces as a sign that they mean what they say.
Many young businessmen and entrepreneurs are leaving the town now, turning it into a ghost town. That's Yaguaraparo, but it is also happening in Rio Caribe, Carúpano, Cariaco, El Morro (and this is just in one state). The same situation is being replicated in every state, the richest, the worst (take the jungle states where gold mines rule).

well that is just heart-breaking to hear sir hlezama. Are you and your family stuck there or what is your situation?

Some members of my family are still there. They live in fear unable to live normal lives. I had to take my mother out and take her at the other end of the country with one of her two daughters, the other one is stuck there with two sons.
My elder brother, his wife and two of their sons had to leave too. They had business and had received threats. I jus learned that a captain who was shot some days ago in one of the recent shootouts with a group of criminals, had gone to the capital to ask for reinforcement and he was told by a general to "stop bitching and moaning and look for ways to produce money. Bring me money, that's what you should do".
The governor of the state also denied resources, such as vehicles. So, this is what we call "la ley del oeste", referring to the old western movies where people had to take justice in their own hands (if they had access to weapons). Not easy here where the common folk does not have access to weapons.

Holy smokes! That is really really bad. So what is your plan, are you married? Do you want to stay?

Well, I don't live in that town. I left many years ago when I went to college. I live some 300 km away with my wife and daughter. The things that the whole country is being dominated by mafias that work in complicity with law-enforcement agencies. It is in the corruption and lack of scruples of the men in uniform where the real problem recides.

So the mafias steal money from people and pay off the police? I hope it is safer where you live. Is there any work available?

Wow janton, everyone was put in jail, even injured Frank who was just defending himself. I wonder what kind of husband Ugly was, because he did not present as a nice human generally.

Okay, a moobella ice-cream vending machine - oh my gosh I can see a cowherd all called Bella, lol. I wonder what it tasted like?

I was kind of shocked about all of them being arrested but I guess they wanted to put them somewhere until they sorted it all out and investigated it.

I haven't have MooBella ice cream but it is supposed to be really great tasting!

Yes, the sheriff was just doing his job. Does Frank ever get all the shrapnel out of his shoulder?

No, He carried so many bullets and bullet fragments to the grave it's amazing!

Nice story! Wow what a vending machine indeed! I'd love to try it if I could find one here. 😉👍

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Howdy iamraincrystal! oh, I would think those machines would be a big hit over there as hot as the weather is! Thanks so much for commenting!

Oh yes, ice cream would definitely be a hit here! 😉👍

You're right we need Moo Bella in Texas @janton but now a days we would have shot him in the back! Just say'in 😁

Posted using Partiko Android

Howdy sir wonderwop! I agree, MooBella would THRIVE in Texas because of the heat! Maybe they'll get here eventually.

That's probably true about the back shooting. Used to be legal but now it's not and they still do it!

Reminds me of Highwaymen came riding into town, sure hope someone figures out who shot whom and why.

Topped off with grand ice-cream machine, that would go well in our region with summer approaching. Not often you find mootiful fresh smooth goodness on tap today @janton

Howdy joanstewart! I agree, I think these machines would be a big hit there! Thanks so much for commenting!

Love the old stories. BRAVO!

Howdy sir zekepickleman! thanks so much for the kind words..are you guys getting snow up there yet?

Nope. Just rain so far. Outside chance for the weekend though. Unlike @davedickeyyall who is up to his ankles in Colorado!

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Oh I know, those early storms are freaky! But I didn't know when the snow starts up yonder where y'all are. It seems like the winters are unfairly long!

Congrats with the share in PHC Sir @janton.
I think the arrests were normal protocol and at least Frank got some much needed even if iffy medical attention. He was sure to walk around with that shrapnel in his body for a long time.

Howdy again sir papilloncharity! Yes the PHC thing is a real shocker to me. lol. Frank was full of bullet fragments that he carried the rest of his life! Crazy. It shows how primitive the medical treatment was, at least in small towns!

Oh yeah Sir @janton primitive indeed.
At the start of the old mountain pass here in the early years, there was a horse trader that also moonlighted as a surgeon and he did amputations of accident victims on the pass without any anesthetics.
Biting the bullet so to speak.

oh no! Oh my gosh I can't imagine! That goes from primitive to barbaric I think!

There are many stories around Sir @janton as during the early boer wars many amputations took place on the spot. A spear that severed an arm simply meant that the wound was stitched up immediately.
I suppose that's why the call South Africans tough.

That is very true, they didn't have what we know of modern day medics to evacuate to the hospitals, wow.

As always excellent stories, I look forward to the next one. And looking at it well, I would be the happiest woman in the world with one of these vending machines in my living room.

lol..laughing at the vending machine comment..yes, me too! I wish they would send those machines down to Texas, we'd make them rich!

@janton, I just love how you recap the story - it's like we're just sitting together around the campfire and you're telling the tale.
Congrats on the rally upvote!

Howdy blueeyes8960! Thanks so much. Yes the vote was a real shock and thanks for the kind words!

Moo Bella needs to make it vegan before they shipped them to North America!
Anyway, I have to read the next episode before I make comment! Right now I am pissed that Frank is not in the hospital. What the hell!!!

Howdy Miss Lena! yes, it's astounding that they had almost no medical help at all. I think the old Doc probably just patched him up and said "you'll live. I've seen worse!"
They should have transported him to a hospital.

I don't think MooBella makes vegan ice cream, I think they pride themselves on using real cow's cream.

It's really unbelievable how human body can recover, especially those days when people didn't have same health care as we are having now. But it was not right to put him to jail; it was obvious he was the victim defending himself!

Moo Belle better gets with the program, because otherwise they will not survive the vegan tsunami!!! I am sure you know Ben & Jerry's ; they start making vegan ice cream long time ago. Smart move!

Howdy tonight Miss Lena! I agree. Frank recovered but I bet he had all kinds of problems when he got older because of all the gunshot wounds and bullet fragments and shotgun pellets in him.

Hey, I didn't know that Ben and Jerrys had vegan ice cream! I'm sure that is a growing trend?

I know! Poor Frank!

Janton, veganism is not a trend! Trend is something temporary, a hype that will eventually pass. Veganism is the future!!! Every company that make animal products and want to survive in the future, must slowly start making adjustments now. Those who are not willing to adopt will loose. Ben & Jerry's are smart so they made adjustment. Altough, meat will be available for meat eaters, but it will be grown artificially. They already have prototype, it's just mater of time when they can make it in large amounts. Within ten years for sure.

I know veganism is not a trend but I was talking about the specific vegan ice cream.
How can meat be grown artificially?

Howdy Janton! Well it is not a trend even regrading just an ice cream. Eventually there will be no dairy ice cream, only vegan. Dairy and beef industry has to go fast, because the planet cannot take it any longer.

Anyway, artificially grown mean is also called VITRO or Cultured. You can read about it here:

Very interesting article, especially since this is the first I've heard of it. Amazing really. I mean, real meat but no animals killed! wow.

Frank could have used a Moobella with his love of ice cream!

  ·  13 days ago (edited)

lol! Very good sir wwwiebe! Great memory. Most people just skim but you actually read these things! lol. Is it snowing there yet?

Another great story, @janton!

Howdy Jayna! Well, it's a great story, I don't know if I can do it justice by I'm trying. lol. Thanks so much and I hope you didn't get sick on all that candy you ate last night! lol.

I don't know that a machine can do a great job of "home-made" ice cream. There's a reason I broke three ice cream makers!

I'm guessing they use pre-mix and maybe liquid nitrogen to "freeze-churn" it. I've sen that done before. Some science students, when I was an undergraduate, made ice cream that way.

I agree sir fotosdenada, the photo of it open shows bags which are the different flavors I assume. It would be more accurately called an ice cream Mixing machine. I would be interesting to see it work with the machine open.