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Saint Patrick: A Torah Observant Believer in Yeshua?!

The Roman Catholic Church changed more than doctrine. They rewrote history.

In the case of St. Patrick, the historical lies were written by Probus and Joscelyn in A.D. 1130 (more than 500 years after Patrick’s death). Seeking to garner Patrick’s fame for the Roman Catholic Church, these two men fabricated history. The truth is the Pope never ordained Patrick, in Rome or anywhere else, and Patrick was never a Roman Catholic.

Patrick was a Messianic Jew!

Son of Israel

The source for this amazing fact about Patrick is the medieval Book of Leinster, which is a compilation of Ireland’s oldest documents. It is stored under lock and key in Trinity College, Dublin. According to the research of Dr. Robert Heidler, Patrick was a “son of Israel.”

Patrick’s ancestors were among the Jewish believers in the Messiah, Yeshua, who fled Jerusalem in 70 A.D after Rome sacked the Holy City.

Patrick Was Not Irish At All

Patrick was born in 360 A.D and was Scottish, not Irish. He was born in the town of Bonnaven, located between Dumbarton and Glasgow. Patrick’s father was a deacon in the Celtic, not Catholic, church! According to the research of Dr. Heidler, a senior teacher at Glory of Zion International Ministries, as well as other sources, this Celtic church was the last surviving outpost of the first century apostolic church, and it operated in miracles.

As we know from Scripture, signs and wonders powered the early church. These miracles spurred the assembly’s growth, right up until the 4th century. But when syncretism with paganism under Constantine occurred, the Most High’s gory departed. Miracles stopped! False teachers began teaching that the gifts of the Holy Spirit were only for the apostles. In some remote locations, however, miracles continued. One of those outposts was 4th century Ireland.

Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, the Celtic church did not believe in purgatory, did not pray to Mary, and did not honor the Pope. Clergy married and reared children. Believers, not infants, were baptized by immersion, not sprinkling.

And . . . are you ready for this? They celebrated Passover, not Rome’s Easter, they kept God’s 7th day Sabbath, they shunned unclean meats and decried the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy.

They were Torah Observant.

Enslaved in Ireland

Young Patrick was captured by raiders, who enslaved him and took the lad to Ireland. At the age of 16, he began to cry out to the Lord from hilltops where he was forced to shepherd sheep. There young Patrick learned to trust God, and he cultivated a personal relationship with the Messiah, Yeshua.

Then one day, six years later, God told Patrick that it was time to go home. So Patrick escaped and boarded a ship setting sail for Scotland. Back in Scotland, Patrick spent the bulk of his time praying and studying the Scriptures, until one day the Lord spoke to him again. “Return to Ireland, Patrick. Lead the Irish to Messiah!”

So Patrick did. He spent the next 30 years preaching the gospel of the Kingdom. And as history records, God used Patrick to heal the sick and to raise the dead. According to one account, Patrick raised to life the dead son and daughter of King Alphimus. After this miracle, this pagan King, his nobles, and the entire town accepted the Yeshua and were baptized.

The Word of God Alone

Saint Patrick was not a part of the Roman Catholic Church at all.

“He (Patrick) never mentions either Rome or the Pope or hints that he was in any way connected with the ecclesiastical capital of Italy. He recognizes no other authority but that of the word of God… (Dr. Killen, Ecclesiastical History of Ireland, vol.1, pp.12-15)

He was a part of the Celtic Church in Scotland and a seventh day Sabbath keeper:

“It seems to have been customary in the Celtic churches of early times, in Ireland as well as Scotland, to keep Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, as a day of rest from labor. They obeyed the fourth commandment literally upon the seventh day of the week.” (James C. Moffatt, D. D., The Church in Scotland, Philadelphia: 1882, p.140)

They held "Saturday" as the seventh day Sabbath:

“In this latter instance they seemed to have followed a custom of which we find traces in the early monastic church of Ireland by which they held Saturday to be the Sabbath on which they rested from all their labours.” (W.T. Skene, Adamnan Life of St. Columba, 1874, p.96)

Made a "Saint" by the Roman Catholic Church

“The Roman Catholics have proudly and exclusively claimed St. Patrick, and most Protestants have ignorantly or indifferently allowed their claim…But he was no Romanist. His life and evangelical Church of the 5th century ought to be better known.” (McClintock and Strong, Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature, Vol. VII, p.776, article Patrick, St.)



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Bless the Most High!

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Very interesting. My ancestors hail from Dunbarton in Scotland so I'll drink a kosher toast "L'Chaim" to Paddy.


toast "L'Chaim" to Paddy

That's great! What intersectionality. :-)

Woah..really? That is sweet and will have to share this information both here on Steemit and offline!

How did you come across this info??


I didn't know this until recently, what a shock to discover! This was discovered from a FB post, but the source of the information is here.


A shock indeed, thanks for the link I think I will print that off and show some friends!

Facinating account. I had never heard this before. Is any of the content of the book of Leinster, available online?


Some of it is translated to english, but most is in Galic

The original can be seen here:

"And . . . are you ready for this? They celebrated Passover, not Rome’s Easter, they kept God’s 7th day Sabbath, they shunned unclean meats and decried the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy"

This always blows my mind everytime it comes up.... more and more we find out that more often than not, people and places across the planet were at one point TO.

Love the info... thanks!


It's refreshing to know this is not completely unique to our time... although with the ability to communicate so easily over long distances, makes what is happening very unique in history!


So so true!


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wow, howdy sir ironshield! What a great post, I loved the corrected history! Everyone thinks he was Catholic. lol. Amazing. Wonderful job sir!

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