30 Days of History - Day VII

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Welcome to the 30 Days of History challenge. Wow! It’s a week already. Onward! Choo!! Choo!!! 🚂
Let’s have this week in History

This Week in History

I. On August 14, 1941
The Atlantic Charter, a joint declaration was signed between Britain and U.S leaders. The document laid out some basic rights and its success was responsible for the forming of the United Nations a year after in 1942.


II. On August 15, 1945

An official announcement of Japan conceding defeat in World War II was made. The announcement also confirmed an unconditional surrender. This surrender was after the cruel atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing 120,000 people.

III. On August 12, 1981,

The first personal computer - the 5150 was unveiled by IBM - International Business Machines Corporation. The computer had a floppy disk drive - a new innovation in personal computing at that time.

IV. August 15, 1769
One of history’s powerful leaders was born on this day in 1769. Napoleon Bonaparte later became France’s Emperor in the First Republic and was an accomplished military leader. He died on 5 May 1821.


Here’s his history:

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