30 Days of History - Day IV

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Welcome to the 30 Days of History challenge.

Day 4: Today in History - August 12, 2021

I. August 12, 0030, The Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra VII, killed herself in 30 B.C. This was after her defeat to Octavian - the future Roman emperor who later annexed Egypt.

Here’s an old sculpture of her:

Sourced from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleopatra

And here's a YT video on her:


II. August 12, 1762

Cuba was captured by Britain at the hands of the Spanish. Interestingly, several decades after on the same day - August 12, 1812. Madrid, the Spanish capital was conquered by the British forces.

And here’s a page on the Siege of Havana as it’s called:

III. August 12, 1898

Yet another way involving the USA and another country, Spain. The 3+ months way was ended on this day
The Spanish American War officially ends after three months and 22 days of hostilities.


IV: August 12, 1961

On this day, the construction of the Berlin Wall dividing East and West Germany was kickstarted.


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