Hitler that nobody knows !

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With the exit from the prison, where Mein Kampf wrote, Adolf Hitler abandoned efforts to forcefully overthrow the government. The new strategy was to take power through elections.

He was already famous in Germany as an odious and aggressive provocateur. But that was exactly why extremist Nazis liked it, while others hated it.

For Hitler to come to power, the Nazis needed to soften his public image.

As part of this effort, in 1932 the Nazis issued a book titled "Hitler Nobody Knows".

The book, which featured 100 photos of Hitler made by his photographer Heinrich Hoffman, tried to draw him as a caring, cultured, intellectual gentleman.

Hitler appeared in his rest, with his dogs, reading in his private library, and meeting with members of the public.

Even for these photographs, Hitler got a lot of profits, adding to that, at the time of death, it would be a huge asset.

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the best military strategist for my taste


Ye indeed i do agree with you.
And by the way that picture looks badass

I believe world lives on propoganda..however I am surprised to know about this book and its role in the history..!!