Strangest attempts to create a virtuous city society!

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Who among us who does not want to live in the city virtuous? An integrated society in which the lofty human feelings such as fraternity, equality and happiness are found? How hard it is to achieve that, very difficult if not impossible.


          City of Rolle

Well have you had the opportunity to build your own community? Who are the people who will participate? A group of doctors, engineers, construction workers, or a handful of thieves, pickpockets and night girls? If you think that the second idea is closer to you, you are quite thinking as Denys Rolle.

The Englishman Denys Rolle was a landowner in Florida in the 18th century and was obsessed with the idea of building an ideal society. He shipped about 49 destitute men and women from Britain to his land in Florida, and when they reached their new home they could not find anyone to receive them Only mosquitoes!

Rolle required the new inhabitants of the land before building their own homes to build their own palace and islands first. People would only refuse to offer a special Rolle, even if the price was as low as a meal!

        Koreshan unit

Florida is really exotic places and in the past used to be the strangest! The Koreshan unit was founded in 1893 and built on the idea of justice, equality, participation in living and the worship of one God, great and rational not?

The driving force behind this society was a man called Cyrus Teed, a doctor and scientist. During his research, he was struck by an enormous electric shock that he claimed was followed by the divine spirit, and he chose to rid mankind of suffering and evil by promoting Koreshan!


Pullman built his utopian city outside Chicago in 1880 and provided all the livelihoods of his staff, who drew him from across the country to help build his city, especially the Pullman Palace.

The residents of Pullman wondered if he was trying to build a virtuous city. So why make the trains the means to transport the residents of the city from the cars that he used for his benefit ?! Plus you need to pay a heavy price if you want to shop from the Pullman store, or even use the City Library.

In 1893 the country suffered a major economic crisis that put the end of the city of Pullman, where the inhabitants of the city were not allowed to own the houses they built and took them by hand to fill the economic deficit that filled the country at the time.


Is a piece of the remains of a city built by the Nazis and still in Berlin, Germany so far, called this building name "Schwerbelastungskorper" Do not try you will not be able to pronounce them properly!

This piece is a testament to the attempts of the German Nazi leader Hitler to build Berlin during the glory days of Nazism. This city was built on a street called the Boulevard. The size of the People's Hall is 16 times the size of St. Peter's Cathedral!

Hitler planned to build this city in 1926, before the end of the war, and equipped the equipment that prisoners (prisoners of war) would use to build the city as expected! The main objective of the project is to show the greatness of the Nazi Empire and its leader.


Louisa May Alcott, a 10-year-old girl, spent about 6 months of her childhood in a unique experience with her father, Bronson Alcott, specifically in January 1843, where they decided to stay on a plot called Fruitlands, a food of nature, a life full of nature based on participation and loneliness, Harm others.

The idea of this city on paper was noble and great, but on the ground it was completely different. Only 11 people participated in the experiment, one of whom was not able to deal with hard physical work. Fruitlands quickly entered the city's "failed" .

           People's Temple
After Jim Jones moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, and married there, his mind sprang into the ideal religious community he had long dreamed of, he began to implement a strange idea: selling monkeys so he could raise money that would help him support his community !

The followers of Jim Jones were settling in his church and providing various services. Basically, the idea of his community was based on the fact that you could get everything out of community service. Jim quickly entered into conflicts with other church denominators, The needs of his followers, putting the final word for People's Temple!


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Very interesting. There has been a TV series about 'Utopias' in the UK. Why do they always fail? I guess because we human beings are fatally flawed.