Today in History: Babe Ruth sets a record that still stands today

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Even if you don't like baseball, you almost certainly have heard of Babe Ruth, maybe you just like candy bars with peanuts in them. I dunno.


The record I am referring to is an obscure one, and really depends on the rest of the team as well because regardless of how good you are, you can't get this record unless your team-mates know how to hit also.

Grand slams, two consecutive games (homering in each game)

In case you don't know what a "grand slam" is, it isn't just a tremendous value for eggs at Denny's. It is when all 3 bases already have runners on them and then the batter hits over the fence thereby allowing everyone to advance (and score) automatically resulting in 4 points for the team. This is extremely rare to have happen ever.

To have it happen in back-to-back games would be considered almost infinitesimally unlikely and to have that situation occur twice well, you are more likely to get struck by lightning during a shark attack after winning the powerball lottery for the second time.


The year was 1929 and the record still stands today. Several players have done this once, but only the Babe has done it twice.

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Ah, the great Bambino. It always makes me think of the Sandlot. Such a great movie! He was really one of the best. I might have thought Miggy could have caught him at some point, but he is kind of fizzling out now...

chasing that sort of record is going to depend on so much more than just how good of a hitter the individual is. The players that come before you in the lineup, the team you are against, luck, whether the pitcher is having a good day etc. I bet it will be tied some day, but here we are nearly 100 years later and it still stands.

Who can say that he doesn't know this great character in world history?

He is loved everywhere. We Venezuelans closely follow the history of all those great baseball players.

I didn't know the record he mentioned. But it is complicated to give a home run with the bases full, which can be said in consecutive games. Just The Big Bambino!

I am not into baseball much , but I know about the legend babe. He was amazing .

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