A Soldier, A Leader, A Leader

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Yes friends today I will tell the founder of the Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
I will not tell you what is written in every date book.You can search and find those articles.These are my feelings
These are my grateful thoughts.First empathize.An Empire is demolishing and the people are miserable.
Everybody's got your own life.But there is a soldier who only thinks of the nation.Moreover, this Soldier is born in Thessaloniki.
Mustafa Kemal says, "I command you not to die, not to live." a soldier is not afraid of returning.
There are no bomb tanks as of now.The bayonet blades collide heroes.Mustafa Kemal adds to his success.
Becoming Atatürk. Becoming Turk's Atatürk
He is a writer he is a thinker.He's an idol.The person that the whole world admires.

Did not you want to be an Atatürk?

Note: I would recommend reading the bookAtatürk.jpg

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