The Magic Of Learning #part 1

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The Most Expensive Key In Human Hands

  • Human history begins with adam who is at once sworn into a prophet. before descending to earth, God has provided him with the knowledge as presented before the ranks of the very holy angels.

  • Then humans continue to grow that we know the progress of the various scriptures of celestial religions (sky). like the story of the intelligence of Noah who designed the ship to face the devastating flood.
    then the genius of the prophet Yusuf manages the economy of Egypt and the expertise of the Prophet Sulaiman manages the kingdom of man and beast altogether.

  • Great human civilization is also visible from the relics that are scattered throughout the world. the relics make his successors do not stop amazed amazed like the phenomenal pyramid building in Egypt, the giant stadium that is coliseums in rome, gigantic wall in china to borobudur temple in indonesian.

Borobudur in indonesian
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  • Started from the world's oldest civilization in the river nil of Egypt, then continued to the persevering Chinese nation, then the exotic Indian nation. then civilization forward move to the land of Greek thinkers and forwarded by the mighty roman.

  • The collapse of Greece and Rome was immediately greeted by the brilliant civilization of Islam that appeared in the Middle East, andalusia to Turkey. before they fall, the resurrection relay connects to mainland europe until now passed by the American superpower and the 'surprise' japan.
  • "if you want the world, reach out with science.
    if you want the afterlife, reach with knowledge.
    if you want to achieve keduannya, reach with science"
  • but not all nations are able to achieve its glory. not a few who wallow in decline may even be buried in history. not a few who have been able to assume the glory then meraka experience its own destruction slowly or simultaneously.

  • the question is why is there that able to glory?
  • how can they excel?
    the superiority of civilization including the military and economic mastery is certainly none other than thanks to the absorption of science.

  • humans are the most special creatures in the history of the civilization of the universe. the God of the mighty did not create it for play. God provides all for man.

  • great civilization is certainly not born carelessly. there must be big people and they learn from the great civilization before. Islamic civilization has learned much from greek, roman, persian, india, and china. European civilization was born after learning from Islam and roman. and now japan achieve its glory after 'stealing' the ocean of science from europe and america. the nations continue to study, carry on science and synergize it into the great civilization of the human child until now.

  • the ability of human learning coupled with human ambition to explore the universe makes humans the king of the world. the positive thing is that it will make life in the world more easy and pleasing to mankind. while the negative will make the globe increasingly damaged and the value of humanity too follow up eroded.

  • a certainty that the nations that learn faster will have more advanced science and technology. and it will make them superior and certainly more pride than any other nation. through that progress also they are able to fulfill what they want.