Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz, popularly known as Islam's 5th Khalifa.

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Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz (raheimahullah):
Dynasty: Omar bin Abdel Aziz (Rahimahullah) was a widely criticized and condemned grandson of Marwan. However, one of the best people of Umar's maternal lineage related to Umar Ubhanul Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) It would be better to say about the beginning of the relationship here.

Umar Ubunnul Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him), then the second Khalifah of the Islamic world. Umar (May Allah be pleased with him), according to the daily practice, came out in view of the condition of the subjects of the night. Suddenly hearing from a bunch of silent conversation:
One mother is telling her daughter: Now there is no one, mix some water in milk, but mother.
The daughter answers: What are you saying mama! Did you not listen to our Khalifah prohibiting milking the water?
Mom answers: Umar's people are no longer there.
The daughter says: There are no people of Umar, but God is there. He does not see? I will never mix water with milk.
Umar ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) said, "I am not impressed by this conversation.The next morning, all the events open the family, and arranged for the marriage of his son, Asim, with the girl and said: Oh! Perhaps the son of a girl will be born in the womb of the birth of which the whole Arab will glory, who will increase the standard of Arabia and lead the whole Arab.
In fact it happened. In the womb of the wife of'Asem, Umar bin Abdel Aziz.

Birth Period and Cure:
Umar Bin Abd al-Aziz was born in 63 AH in Al Madina al-Munawara. Then the rule of the Marwan dynasty of Umar's grandfather, the Marwan dynasty. Shortly after his birth (or earlier) father Abdul Aziz was appointed as the governor of Egypt. It is to be noted that after the end of Amir Muaywaiyah (ra) dynasty's rule, the Marwan dynasty began to rule.
The mother of'Umar bin Abd Aziz (Rahimahullah) was the son of the girl whose story I mentioned earlier. Thus, a grandmother and mother whose education will be the doctrine of her education, it is easy to imagine.
In addition, he was born at a time when Madina was the center of Islamic knowledge and knowledge. The best alim of the era, jurists and Muhaddis was the teacher of'Umar bin Abdel Aziz. And Allah Almighty also created a great interest in the nature of religion and knowledge among the nature of Umar. It is seen in the same way, his adolescence and youth have spent the majalis of Alim and jurists.

Umar Bin Abd al-Aziz (Rahimahullah) as the governor of Madina:
When Umar was 25, Al-Waleed bin Abd al-Malik bin Marwan (Rule 705-715) appointed Umar bin Abd Aziz as the governor of Madina. Then 86 (87 of 87) AH. But he delayed to understand the responsibility. Al Walid heard the news and asked for the reason. He replied: "I have not been able to increase the imports by our predecessors to injustice and injustice".
Because of his character and character of his character, he loved his khandanera all. Al Walid also liked him. Walid said: Okay, you will adopt the way of justice and justice, if you can not send a dirham to the center then I have no objection.After receiving this reply, Umar took the responsibility of Madina. He ruled Madina (then under Maqka and Taif and Madina governor) for nearly six years. During this time the area became a happy and prosperous hamlet. But Madina's happiness did n

Removal from the responsibility of Madina:
When there was disarray in Iraq, its ruler Hajjaj bin Yusuf al-Walid wrote that Iraq's separatists escaped from Iraq and took refuge in Madina and Taif. If this situation prevails, the status and solidarity of the entire empire will be threatened. So the changes in the ruler of Madina require that we will follow our instructions. The throne was more beloved to the Walid than the Umar. He recruited Hajjaj's loyal and beloved one in Madina and summoned Umar to Dima.

Acceptance of the Khilafah:
After the infancy of Al Walid bin Abidal Malik bin Marwan, Sulaiman Ibn Abd al-Malik bin Marwan sat on the throne of Khilafat (rule 714 AD - 717). He was the seventh Khalifa of Banu Umayyad. There was a hundred faults, but there was a good aspect in the character of Sulaiman that he loved Umar bin Abd al-Azha in his heart and always used to consult Umar in the affairs of the kingdom. Needless to say, all the funerals and reform works of Sulaiman are done by Umar's efforts and advice.

The way Umar's nomination is completed:
This is about 99 years of Hijri. Sulaiman became seriously ill. When he himself realized that the thought of casting his next Khalifa near him at the end of time, he became unstable. But who will be announced as Khalifa? The child he had nominated as his next Khalifa did not live. Now all who are there are small. Astonishingly surprised everyone, he said to Reza Ibn Haawa (who was Sulaiman's close friend and adviser):
Present me in front of me to wear the big khilafah dresses among my sons. That is exactly what happened. It was seen, she could not wear the dress, dragging on the ground. Sulaiman again said: Bring a sword on his shoulder and bring it to me. He could not bear the sword. Then, frustrated, Sulaiman uttered the following declaration:
Inna Ibnobi Chitrangan Chigar Kad Arafah Manohu Kibber
Kad Arafah Manohu Kibber(Oh, my child is small, that person is a successful child who has a great child)Umar bin Abdel Aziz was sitting beside him.
Sulaiman said: What is your advice about the election of Khalifa?Reza said: You are the owner of the decision. But you tell someone's name, I give my opinion.
Sulaiman said: What do you think about Umar bin Abdel Aziz?
Reza said: He is a wise and good Muslim.
On hearing the nomination, the people of Uran ordered the mass Kazi to assemble. After this, he said to all:"O people! By Allah, my mind did not have to confess Tamanna to become Khalifa openly or secretly. The thing that I always disliked, that's what I've been wearing on my shoulders.
O people, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of the Khilafah without consultation with my opinion and opinion of the Muslim millat. For this reason, I took the vow of my allegiance on your neck, I took it myself, now you can choose the Khalifa whom you like. "
At the end of the speech, the crowd shouted: We want you. You take the name of Allah
The world again saw the Islamic rule:
When the story of the life of Umar Ibn al-Khattab (Raidullah Alla) was narrated to the boy, 'Umar bin Abd al-Aziz, he would say: "I will grow up like a grandmother".
Surprisingly, after taking the responsibility of the Khilafat, he became exactly the same, Allah favored Tamanna of his childhood. আযিয.png
(((((The rest will be given in the next phase))))))

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