Islam's fourth caliph Ali (R)

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Full name: Ali Ibn Abu Talib death: January 28, 661 (62 years); Kufa
Father: Abu Talib Mother: Fatima bint Assad.

The deceased Ali was born in the Qureshi lineage. This clan is the protector of holy Ka'ba Sharif. Hashemi is the best branch of this dynasty. Ali's mother and father were both Hashemi. His father's name was Abu Talib and mother's name Fatima bint Assad. In the Arab world, Father's name was called together with the son's name.

Accepting Islam and moving to Medina: Messenger of Allah At the beginning of the Prophethood, Ali Accept Islam. Then Ali It was just ten years of age. Among the boys, he was the first to accept Islam. Although he is financially inadequate, he has done a great deal of Islam by the Aussi and Mossi. He also suffered brutal torture by Mahabani in the hands of the Quraish. He is the fortunate companion who left the Prophet's emigrant to leave for his deposit in Mecca.
After leaving the life of Maya, he was lying on the prophet's bed. And everyone was surprised to see his revelation. He later migrated to Madinah. Before that, he would give the deposits and deposits of the people to the Prophet.
Ideal and Character: The fourth caliph of the Muslim world is Hazrat Ali. He was the lover of Allah and His Messenger. Strongly convinced, he was brave in the battlefield, humble in personal conduct, discussion and judges, knowingly He established the great ideals of Islamic virtues within himself, Was his faithful companion in almost every war of the Prophet. Dear counselors of the previous Khalifa. In essence, he was the complete protagonist of the Prophet's character and character.

Ali Ra. The marriage of the Prophet Muhammad Had Ali Along with this, Fatima, the daughter of her daughter, Who gave the marriage. Their next bridal life was very beautiful. Hadrat Fatimah was born to three sons named Hasan, Hussain and Muhsin and two daughters named Zainab and Umme Kalsum. Muhsin died in his childhood. Later, Hassan Hussain made an expansion. And they are known in history as Syed.

Had Ali The depth of its knowledge: Ali Ra. He was the author of great knowledge of Allah. This Prophet son-in-law was full of memory and knowledge. In his Qur'an, Hadith, poetry, philosophy, This Muratzaa is also the proponent of the Nahu regime. Was the tafsirakarak. Fatwas used to do the Prophet's time He was also the Writer of this caliph. Writing can not be finished by his knowledge. Because the Prophet S. He himself said, I am the city of knowledge and Ali is his door.

Heroism and Courage: Ali Ali for Islam Its contribution was important. He devoted his finer power and heroism to Islam. Messenger of Allah He participated in almost all the war in his life and in every battle he showed his benevolence. He is the Prophet of Allah in Badar Carries its flag. In this war, he was defeated and killed by the famous Quraish chief, Amar Amr ibnuddoza. At that time he was the great saint of the Prophet Zulfiqar's sword received from him.
Likewise, he defeated the enemy in the war of Uhud, Khandak, Khaibar and conquered the famous Kamous fort and displayed extraordinary solar semen. The Prophet was satisfied with his heroism. He was conferred with the title of Tigers of Assadullah or Allah.
Had Ali Shahadat: The rebel Kharijis Ali Ali Muawiya and Amr Ibn al-Asa Who is responsible for the cause of destruction of peace of Islam.
So they conspired to kill these three. In Kema, Kufa, Damascus and Fusatat each intend to destroy them on their way out of their own mosque. Fortunately, Amr Ibn al-As was absent on that day. Muawiya Even if he was injured by the assassination, he could survive.
But Allah's will! Hadrat Ali Rah from the death of Abdur ibn Mulzam Seriously injured. On January 27, 661, he received martyrdom. And with the death of this Mahain caliph, Khalafay Rashidin's holy caliphate was established on the Mughtakim in Sirat.হযরত আলী.png

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