the story of a specialist prisoner escaped from a legendary prison

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Prison is a place where human beings get sentenced to confinement for some time with the aim that the humans who have committed the crime can make up for his mistakes and can improve his life better. In fact, there are many cases in which a prison does not give a deterrent effect to its prisoners, it only makes some prisoners even more wild and difficult to control. Many are also brave and unwilling to harm or endanger the lives of their fellow prisoners.
In some prisons in the world there are indeed found prisons that have a harsh life system and the prisoners often get very inhumane treatment, either from fellow prisoners or the treatment of the prison guards. Cases of sexual harassment and other acts of violence are also found to occur frequently in some prisons in the world. Certainly it makes the prisoners willing to perform various ways to avoid these inhuman acts. As for them there is a desperate to do escape alias escape from prison. Until there are some of them become very famous for their actions, and some even make many police officers become overwhelmed and frustrated in efforts to prevent the escape test action. Below are some of the famous prisoners:

Choi Gap-bok


Choi Gap-bok is a Korean criminal prisoner where he knows very often to try to escape by performing a stunning action, which comes out through through from a food hole on the cell door. Choi, then aged 50, was arrested for the umpteenth time for involvement in a robbery case at a shop. Because Choi is a man who diligently practiced Yoga for many years he was using the flexibility of his body to be able to find solutions escape from prison.

At the beginning of the story Choi accidentally asked for a small bottle of massage oil for the body to one of the warders there with the excuse for him to use as a massage oil, but the next day it turns out he used the oil to lubricate his entire body and then due to the flexibility of his trained body for years, year-old Choi managed to infiltrate into a food hole that only measures 6 × 17 inches only, And the unique action of this crazy Choi do only in a matter of 34 seconds.
The action of the clever and smooth Choi makes the prison wizards wonder because the next day Choi has been found no longer in his cell room, without leaving a symptom of utter destruction at all, the famous Action of Choi is of course very appalling to the wider community and to the point that many mass media in Korea are nicknamed Choi as Houdini from Korea. But unfortunately Choi was arrested again after an interval of 6 days of search then Choi re-inserted into the cell room which has a very small food slots in order that Choi can not escape from prison.

Jack sheppard


If the steemians had seen a movie showing a scene of a convict escaping by using a series of tied fabric sheets to a piece of rope, then the act was indeed done by a criminal prisoner named Jack Sheppar, a prisoner who lives on the era of the 18th century and which makes it very popular and talked about a lot of people is a variety of action blur that inspired many films around the world. In those days Jack Sheppard's cell room was a cell room made up of a wall with no windows.
Then his first crazy act was to break into the wall of the prison, which must have made a loud noise, so it attracted the attention of his first crazy Action guards that led to failure. Jack was again arrested and thrown into jail, but his crazy again managed to break through a window made of iron then he descended the high wall of the prison using a series of fabric sheets tied together, to resemble a rope. But unfortunately Jack again had to fail in his efforts this time.
Jack was then re-placed in a cell room, but this time equipped with a very tight guard, Jack's legs and arms are intentionally chained so as not to escape again. But one day Jack accidentally found a piece of worn wire and he used it to gouge the lock of the chain that fettered him, For the umpteenth time Jack managed to escape by breaking through a chimney in the prison. Jack managed to break down six layered doors and jumped out of the wall and jumped on the roofs of the houses and disappeared in the dark of night. But again Jack had to be caught for the umpteenth time, but this time the authorities decided that Jack should be put to death. On the day of its execution the event was attended by almost half the citizens of London which reflects how famous and famous Jack is as a specialist escaped from prison who do not know surrender.

Yoshie Shiratori


In the 1930s there was a Japanese man named Yoshie Shiratori who was arrested by local police because he was suspected of murder and some theft, but in early 1936 Yoshie escaped from Aomori prison using a piece of wire he was wearing to retrieve her lock key, but she can be arrested immediately and after that she is sentenced to life imprisonment. But again a few years later he managed to escape from a prison named Akita prison At that time Yoshie infiltrated through an air vent then he was again caught after two years managed to escape from police chase. In 1944 Yoshie again planned his escape, this time taking advantage of the shards of the bowl to help remove his cuffs and for the umpteenth time Yoshie escaped from prison.

Yoshie's escape was not long after World War II after he was recaptured in mid-1946, then the Sapporo court decided to execute Yoshie. While waiting for his execution day Yoshie again plotted another escape by sawing the layers of his cell-room floorboards, using a sharp metal plate. Then he escaped from the prison also by having to dig the ground using a bowl to eat. At the age of 41 years Yoshie was deterred by the action that in the end he confessed and surrendered himself to a policeman. At that moment it was for some reason that Yoshie was forgiven and freed in 1960.

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