Secrets of the Mariana Trench

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There is one thing on this planet is very deep place of the Mariana Trench.

You've heard!

Remember in school we were taught Everest (8848 m), the highest point of land, the deepest Mariana Trench!

However, if we know about Everest lot of interesting facts about the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, in addition to the fact that it is the deepest, most people do not know anything.

But you can not imagine what secrets hide this place, and how strange sushestvuet sdes live!

Located all around the Mariana Islands, and because of what this name.

In Kratz she is a great deepening of the long 1500 km and a depth of over 11,000 meters.

This chute can be easily put Everest at the same time remain Yeshe more than 1 km of water to the surface!

For a long time it was thought that such deep places emptiness prevails and life there is in principle not possible.

But in 1957, Soviet researchers have established the existence of life at depths greater than 7000 meters, thereby disproving the existed in the T ime view of the impossibility of living at depths greater than 6000-7000 meters, as well as specified details of the British, recording in the Mariana Trench at a depth of 11,023 meter.

Over time, there is growing evidence to the fact that the inhabitants of the Mariana Trench, not only live there in large quantities, but also feel great!

In addition to the different bacteria and invertebrates, molluscs, there is a huge unidentified creatures inhabit real monster.

The first dive to the bottom of a person held in 1960. His place at the bathyscaphe "Trieste" American Don Walsh and Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard.

Dive into the abyss took them nearly five hours, and the rise - about three hours, at the bottom of researchers spent only 20 minutes. But this time it was enough to make a sensational discovery - in the bottom waters they discovered unknown to science flat fish up to 30 cm, similar to flounder.

But the discovery of life at depths not the only thing that made it famous dive.

Many years later, declassified records logbook Jacques Picard, from the information it found the blood run cold!

About halfway into the abyss of a researcher makes a terrible record "In elyuminatory seen a large disc-shaped object that accompanies the bathyscaphe, a subject accurately studying us"

The object had a clear outline and the error could not be!

Unfortunately or fortunately, he disappeared in a few minutes.

What or who it was still unknown.

Lack of knowledge about the nature of this phenomenon suggests the idea that it really can be a mysterious underwater civilization and ancient creature.

Speaking of ancient creatures.

1985 9 lowered into the water meter spherical aparata called Hedgehog crew of the American ship Glomar Challenger computer captures the strange sounds ropes holding the umbrella stretched so that if the voltage is maintained.

The researchers wanted to immediately lift the machine to determine the cause of the strange behavior but did not work there at a depth that firmly hold the device.

After 3 hours of equipment could raise some unseen force she let Ropes and then the scientists appeared a terrible picture.

Umbrella looked as if he was in the mouth of the underwater monster.

On the platform there were traces of bites, some steel cables were broken.

This caused a lot of noise, the condition of ropes and platforms is simply amazing.

To stem the tide of fear and all the team members were very scared, the official version was a "platform caught on a rock because of what happened damage.

But the crew knew there at a depth of 11 km was something huge and very very strong.

According to the official version, all so the bottom of the Mariana Trench is strewn with a variety of mountains, that's the only place where the study was conducted was clean, there was not one mountain caught on the equipment was not for that.

Even if so whether all devices have recorded a clash but that did not happen and the Yeshe was very scary sounds that way, no one explained.

Later, biologists have proposed a sensational version of damage of cables and platforms could only make a giant monster relic Megalodon.

Huge prehistoric shark weight of 50 tons and 22 meters in length.

It has long been extinct ancestor of modern sharks.

It was believed that they had disappeared 1.5 million years ago, but if so it means that the Megalodon is not extinct and took refuge in the depths of the Mariana Trench.

This idea did not come out of nowhere later in the area, scientists discovered a giant tooth the size of a palm.

Study confirmed definitively tooth really prenadlezhat ancient creature Megalodon.

During a recent expedition, scientists discovered an unusual jellyfish that looks like the alien from another planet.

The body of a jellyfish with long tentacles of burning red and yellow light, scientists chronicled her.

The creature belongs to the genus of jellyfish Crossota

Being a member of the genus Crossota jellyfish her 2 sets on the photo jellyfish tentacles stretched while the body remains motionless, this behavior suggests that it hunts its prey to lure her into a trap.

We found it in the mysterious and little-known area of the Mariana Trench called Shark Enigma apex at a depth of approximately 3700 meters.

Perhaps we are not there looking for Newcomers?

As long as we look at the sky and try to see them on a faraway planet

they are below us closer than we think. The ocean is now studied less than space, and therefore in the future we will have many fantastic discoveries of which we'll be sure to tell you!

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