History of the tomb of malikussaleh

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Hello steemian friends, i come from geudong and i lived closed to the tomb of malikussaleh so that i wanted to share you the history of malikussaleh.
Sultan Malikussaleh is the Kingdom of Samudera Pasai in 1270 BC to 1297 BC, his wife called Gang Gang sari was held as Putro Meurah whose tomb can be found in the village of Paya Meuligo Peureulak east Aceh.Thesarialgae which is also held by Putro meurah is the princess of the king of Peurelak, marriage sultan Malikussaleh and Putro meurah facilitate initial peureulak kingdom united with oceanic kingdom pasaiah in the development of Islam in rencong and other islands in the archipelago. a Kingor Sultan first dikerajaan ocean pasai famous piety and the first king who did syiar Islam malacca even to Southeast Asia.History recorded Religion Islam in the archipelago through an old beach known later as the east Aceh pereulak region, it is stapled deny but thedevelopment of Islam in the archipelago and throughout Southeast Asia begins with the creation of the oceanic kingdom pasai.


When the sultan Malikussaleh a devout and pious send messenger form of hundreds or even thousands of troops to the one after the two warring regions and topics do the symbols, almost all of the area and the nearby island successfully subdued by the sultan Malikussaleh and become to islam .In the leadership of Sultan Malikussaleh pasai oceanic kingdom is a kingdom and people live prosperous and obedient to the command of Allah SWT aanbidden.Op the time of Sultan Malikussaleh his real name is Meurah Silu who led the kingdom of Samudera Pasai in 1270 BC to 1297 BC., a king or sultan first dikerajaan ocean pasai famous piety and the first king who does syiar Islam Atjehtot to the country Malakka.Sultan Malikussaleh also left all his knowledge and piety to his son and lineage where he was teaching in his life and his sons taught with everything was based on Islam as written and the Qur'an and Sunnah rasulullah.Sultan Malikussaleh kingdom pasai print many scholars and waliyullah later today will spread the teachings of Islam in Southeast. Malikussaleh Sultan died in the month of Ramadan for the week the exact day in 1297 Christ buried earth pasai ocean, not far from the city Geudong while the government, the development of Islam, as well as the ocean pasai throne then passed to his crown prince named mohammed Al-Malikuddhahir.


very good post about history of aceh

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gitulh angkat skali2 sejarah aceh...
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a very good story, thank you for sharing the story of the beginning of the story of malikussaleh, this story is very legendary

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