Bermuda Triangle: Mystery or Exaggeration?

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Captain Dan Burreck and his friend Father Patrick Hargon, who floated in the sea with luxurious 23 feet from Miami, Christmas on December 22, 1967, Christmas after a few days. In the light of Christmas, Mohammedan philosophy is different from the distance. So we went to Witchcraft's cabin cruiser, riding around two friends. But only a mile away from the coast, the Coast Guard got the call that the ship had at home with somebody, but there was no major damage.

The Coast Guard left soon, after reaching the spot in 19 minutes, there was nothing. There are no signs on the ship. It was said that the ship will not sink, but the dove is the next thing, that the ship was never here, there was no trace of it. There were so many life jackets, lifeboats, flares, alarm transmitters in the ship - no one was able to know anything about the ship. That place was on the brink of the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

What happened to Witchcraft? Not just Witchcraft, many more ships, many airplanes are heard on the other side - which have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle, or there are strange happenings in front of them. Our today's post about those mysteries.

The name 'Bermuda Triangle' was first named Vincent H. Gädis, in 1964. Bermuda Triangle named this place as a result of the disappearance of strange odds in an unnamed location in the North Atlantic Sea. The area's area is about 1,300,300 to 3,900,000 square kilometers. However, on 17 September 1950 the report of the disappearance of the ship in the region was published in The Miami Herald newspaper.

The name and the events of this place are very famous in the seventies. From then on, pilots and shipwomen used to tell stories about this place. It is seen later that most of the name is actually a fairytale novel for Kamaba. This area is actually a watershed of the United States of Miami, Puerto Rico and the Bermuda Islands, which connects the three landmines. As you can see below-

Interestingly, this is the first recorded incident of the past but not of the last century. In the fifteenth century when Christopher Columbus traveled from Europe to America, he wrote about it in his journal. When the area of ​​Florida and Puerto Rico was passing through this area, its compass was starting to rush. There he saw a strange light.

On December 5, 1872, a cargo ship named Marie Sellega traveled from New York to the port. But where the goods are to reach, there has never been any place. After much searching, the ship was found floating in the Bermuda Triangle area. But none of the 11 staff members were in the ship. Personal stuff, food, expensive goods, lifeboats are all uninterrupted, only people disappear. More surprisingly, the plates had food, they were rotten when the rescuers reached. What was it that would have to go from the middle of the food?

In 1881, a ship named Allen Austin saw a abandoned floating ship in the sea. The crew of the ship planned the abandoned ship's goods. Some people came down from the plane thinking that the ship. They thought that the ship would take the ship to New York. Two ships are on the same side together. But Allen Austin soon lost the ship of an unnamed ship.

When we found it again, it was seen that the ship was abandoned, their own crew disappeared! There was a message from Allen Austin, sending the rescue ship. When the rescue ship arrived, the place that came from the Bermuda Triangle, both Austin and the unnamed ship disappeared. No one has ever been found. It is said, many ships or the two ships saw the movement of the sea together, they were trying to mislead other ships.

In the same way, in the year 1918, the USS Cyclops lost its mark, the Brazilian ship that was given the US government to help the British during World War I, in late February. On March 4th it is seen on the banks of Barbados. 306 crew disappeared with it. In 1941, USS Proteas and USS Niriyas did not have the same way.

Let's come to the plane's words. The most discussed in the Bermuda Triangle is the flight Nintendo flight. In the beginning of December 1945, five best avengers of the US Navy came out in a routine mission. Lieutenant Charles Taylor talked regularly with the radio on the radio. But suddenly, half of the sentences are all silent. Not that it was shivery or vague - it was not quite right. And the five airplanes did not meet at any time. They never returned the aircraft sent to rescue them. The place is Bermuda Triangle. The investigation was written 'unknown reason' they disappeared.

On February 2, 1963, The 600-foot monster Marine Sulfur Quinn flew on its last journey. There were 15,000 tons of molten sulfur and 39 crew. Everyone knew the location of the ship until the four-day of February, at the Bermuda Triangle. Then suddenly the radio transmission was off. Before going off, the commander said, how beautiful the weather is, how beautiful the navigation is.

If you say so many other things can be said, but all the facts are not true. But many people have tried to penetrate the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle, some have given a strange theory. For example, someone says here the devil's dwelling place, the devil dragged these ships and planes. Someone says that there are actually aliens' basecamps; That's why strange light is seen here. Here, the compass sometimes takes strange behavior - it has been argued that the Earth's magnetic field. According to a theory, the Dajjal Island is actually Bermuda Triangle. Someone else says that here is the lost Atlantis city, beneath the water.

Another strange theory is that there is a time tunnel here. For example, on December 4, 1970, the Andrés Island Bahamas traveled to South Florida, pilot Bruce Garnon. He said for three minutes when he was flying in the Bermuda Triangle area, he was in a strange fog called 'Electronic Fog'. When he landed at Palm Beach, he saw that the plane's clock was about three and forty eight o'clock in the afternoon. That is, in just 47 minutes he came 250 miles. But every day it takes 75 minutes to fly at least. Bermuda triangle fog he lost in three minutes 28 minutes! In the earlier book published by the Service Publisher's Bermuda Triangle, the events of this incident and the half-empty food-bearing floating ship were described in very significant detail.

National Geographic tried to solve this mystery. According to their article on March 4, 2016, 75 aircraft and nearly 300 ships lost the Bermuda Triangle. Many scientists believe that, in fact, humanitarian mistakes, hostile weather and unfortunate accidents have occurred. But in reality these theories do not explain all the facts. When asked about the US Coast Guard, their official statement was "Our experience tells that the unpredictability of nature and human nature is also very high in the rate of science fiction." The US Coast Guard is always unbelieving about the Bermuda triangle. There are also incidents where, as described, no body was found after the ship, where the coast guards actually took enough pictures of the body.

Researchers Ernest Taves and Barry Singer said that a lot of businesses have been run based on the Bermuda Triangle, and that is being done. It has made a lot of money in the media. So it is actually a financially damaging way to prove it false. Rumors are more prone to this.

Scientists argue that due to the over-complication of this region, humanity does not give much importance to accidents in other regions. This does not mean that there are not so many accidents other than the Bermuda Triangle; This region is just like any other region of the sea, it is the most famous of the scientists. And, sometimes the stories are called after adding color chong. In fact, many ships, adventurers and flights go around America, Europe and the Caribbean Islands along the Bermuda Triangle. Due to high traffic, the accidents are more in this area. There is no triangle related to it. Another place like the Bermuda Triangle is the Devil's Sea or the Dragon Triangle. Click here to read more about this topic.

But there is no mystery in the Bermuda Triangle? Is there The satisfactory explanation of some of the events is still not found today, it is true. But there is no evidence that the Bermuda Triangle has any effect on them. However, a radical theory was given by the Meteorologist of Colorado State University. Steve Miller In October 2016, he analyzed NASA satellite imagery and told the Science Channel's Who on Earth program that hexagon clouds were found in place in places around the Bermuda Triangle area. It also winds up to 170 miles per hour in an hour. These air pockets can be the cause of the crash or the plane crash. Some clouds range from 20 to 55 miles. But he said, to be sure about this, more research has to be done.

But a theory that was popular for a long time was methane hydrate gas theory. From the boundary of a continent, the extent of the land under the water spreads directly to him as the Continental Shelf. There is a huge presence of methane hydrate natural gas. In Australia, it is found that bubbles or bubbles from such a place can reduce water density and submerge the big ships. Regular or irregularly formed bubbles may have been shipwrecked, as the Bermuda Triangle with the boundary of the continent. In this case, it can be swiftly fast without predictions.

But the plane can not give theory to explain the accident. Moreover, this theory died in the field, when in the 21st century, According to the Geological Survey (USGS), there has been no methane hydrate gas in the area for the last fifteen years. The bermuda triangle is actually a fairy tale: Geographicalist Bill Dillon's statement from the USGS.

In 1975 Larry Kusche published The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Solved Book. He argued that the name of Germis and other writers who named the Bermuda Triangle actually exaggerated in many places. They even took the story from the fake and heard. He proved the inconsistency of many stories. More interestingly, most of the events that took place in the Bermuda Triangle were actually out of the triangle. He went to see the authenticity of the stories, actually there were not many stories. It has also been said that even if the story of a ship disappearing, it is not said that it came back later. The tropical cyclone prone to shiver in the area is not very surprised

In context, there is an example of overstretch. I was talking about flight nineteen. It is true that the investigation was written as 'unknown'. But before that the pilot's error was written, but it was changed under the pressure of the dead relatives. Before losing, the pilot said, the compass is not working, he does not understand where he is, maybe in Florida.

During the GPS-era era, the way to understand the pilot's own position was to understand the speed at which the jatasururana point and how fast it was so difficult to understand the situation on the ocean was difficult. And if there is no end in the end of the fuel. That was the main report behind the disappearance of Flight Ninthine. The search party never came back. It is partly true. Actually, a Martian Mariner plane in the search party did not return. Because, on the way, the oil tank was exploded during the flight, and there its end. Due to bad weather its ruins were not brought back, but were found. Probably, one of the 22 crew accidentally caught a cigarette, forgot that the cabin has special gas in such an environment - from there the explosion.

Why did not I say these words while saying stories? Because otherwise, without explanation and investigation at first, it can not be understood how the stories became multicolored and famous. But later when the story goes deeper, it is understood that the facts are a little different. For example, the sulfur carrier, Marin Sulfur Quinn. The ship was very accidental, it was very weak - the Coast Guard said that the ship should not run, it is waiting for an accident. It is ironic to see that due to its last moment, the fault falls on the Bermuda Triangle, not on the ship. For example, look at the twin twin made with the SS Marine Sulfur queen ship, how badly the broken tanker has broken into two parts

The mystery of the widely circulated compass is still pending. According to many, this area must have magnetic anomalies. But in reality nothing was found. But it is true that the compass rampage is not new with magnetic poles, ship drivers have been aware of it for many centuries. And the words that came about at the start of the Austin and the unnamed ship are quite dull about its historic dependence. And pilot Bruce Garnon could not take her 28 minutes to find any evidence, and she claimed that she saw many UFOs flying in her pilot's life. After this he lost credibility to the science society.

If there is no mystery about the Bermuda Triangle, then the interest of the mysteries has been stirred for more than half a century. The Aquatic Triangle What do you think now after reading the text? Bermuda Triangle is mystery or exaggerated only?

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