Climbing Out Of A War Edifice

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Some weeks back, I made an interesting journey to visit the base of a warlord during the Nigerian Civil war between the years of 1967 and 1970. The place has been turned to a tourist attraction after the war ended. I had in my company, @gifty-e and John to explore the place together.

We were able to go through the underground structure with the help of a tour guide. The lighting underground was poor but we managed to take some photos therein. I also made an unedited video of my troublemakers colleagues.

This is the Drawn Photo Of The war lord underground the bunker.

I wanted to see if I can get a smile out of his face, so I took a selfie in front of the drawing.

He Still Refused To Smile 😂😁😂.


After begging him to smile to no avail, I decided to move on with the team to other areas within the bunker. We saw some nice rooms underground. He even had a conference room where he used to strategize with his commanders.

After a while, we decided to climb out of his bunker using the ladder in-built on a wall. @gifty-e was second to climb while I held the camera.


When we climbed out of the bunker, I decided to do a rough calculation of the distance of the Eave vents at the ground surface.

I did that traditionally using my foot distance as 1metre. You can see what the Eave vents look like on the surface more closely with the image below :

Me holding one of the Air vents at the surface.

The Air vents were put in place to supply air underground. It is a connection of pipes laid from top to the bunker. Inside the bunker was very cool and well ventilated despite having windows nor Installed Air-conditioning system. This is what the Air vents looked like below:

The Eave Vents Piping System.

We also took some pictures at the premises thereafter.

The three Musketeers 😁😂😁.


It was really a fun day filled with some good memories. What activities do you like engaging in to relax yourself? I would love to learn from it.

My signout message is:

When You Help Someone Up a Mountain, You Will Find Yourself Close To The Summit Too.



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You sure have a good sense of! It's just a picture of the war Lord. It cant possibly smile nah. Nice tour though!

What activities do I like? I think seeing movies, am more of the indoor kinda person.


Indoor is good! Just like me. Although I rather read than watch movies. I have not watched up to 20 movies this year 🙈.

Thanks for coming around Queen. Have a lovely weekend ahead


You are welcome! You too!


What's the depth of the bunker????


About 8metres.