History on this Day - March 21st

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1963 U.S.A. Alcatraz Closes

Alcatraz ( known as "The Rock" ) federal penitentiary was a prison based on a small island located in the middle of San Francisco Bay in California, United States and it was designed to be the most secure prison in the world.
In its 29 years of operation ( from 1934 - 1963 ) the penitentiary logged no prisoners as having ever successfully escaped.

1963 - England Trains Driving Themselves


The first of a new generation of trains that drive themselves not needing a driver but controlled by computers which are controlled by picking up signals from coded electrical impulses from the rails and signaling areas and give them the intelligence to start, accelerate, coast or slow down automatically are to be used on London Underground. An operator will still be on-duty aboard the train in the drivers cabin to survey opening and closing doors and to take charge of the train if any of the electrics fail during a journey.


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