The day that all Hollywood actors left the drugs because of Charles Manson

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 The Hollywood sewers were full of drugs right after Sharon Tate lost his life. The world never became the same. 

 The series of crimes that the Family Manson realized was the most covered murders since the president John F. Kennedy received a shot during its visit to Dallas. In this time, 1963, the whole world was dreaming of a better future. The brilliant regent with face of star of Hollywood was offering peace to those that they were wishing that the War of Korea was coming to its end and that they saw with fear the consequences of a war against the Soviet Union. Under its government, the United States seemed to turn into a utopia full of prosperity, but only one attack finished with the peace sleep. The entire country spilled tears in its name and the planet returned to the same darkness in which it was immersed after the Second World war. 

 The same thing happened when Charles Manson decided to tell his followers to go to 10050 Sky Drive, the house that different celebrities rented when they decided to live in Los Angeles. Manson believed that the place was inhabited by the record producer Terry Melcher, who had rejected him after he introduced him to some of the songs he had written, hoping to become famous. Not finding fame by that means, and frustrated with the producer, the man believed that his assassination would be a good first step to the chaos he wanted to generate in Hollywood. 

 Nevertheless, since they all know, Melcher was already not inhabiting this place. The director Roman Polanski and its wife, Sharon Tate, had rented the place together with some of its friends, who ended up by being murdered of brutal form, provoking that big part of the United States – that was in a high point of the culture hippie, marked for «peace and love», constant happiness and many drugs – was going out of its collective sleep and was facing a horrible reality. 

 The end of the summer of Love 

 The Manson family murders are now considered the end of the summer of love. During the second half of the 1960s, culture was trying to forget the death of Kennedy, Luther King Jr. and other names that lost their lives in the fight for equality, presenting a cheerful, colourful face that advocated absolute peace , the union between people and that said "no" to any kind of violence (especially the one who lived during the Vietnam war). But once Manson showed the horror of which a cult born in that collective illusion was capable, in a single day he ended the fun that had marked that time of peace, drugs and rock n ' roll. 

 «The toilets are being emptied throughout Beverly Hills; The entire piping system in Los Angeles is drugged, "anonymously said an actor to Life magazine just after the murders, and that once the police started investigating the brutal murders, all actors, actresses, musicians and producers who lived in that area believed that everything had been part of a drug trafficking business that went wrong and believed that anyone could be discovered for possession of drugs and be incarcerated. Many of them suffered from paranoia to such a degree that they decided to stop consuming, especially since at the place of the murders it was found that Polanski and his friends had several types of drugs, which showed that in Hollywood there was a culture of addiction Linked to the spirit of the time. 

 The celebrities began hiring bodyguards, and according to an investigation by Natalie Finn, they came to buy large quantities of weapons (even prices were raised by high demand). In the streets people no longer asked for hitchhiking for fear of being killed and slowly that feeling of unity and confidence that had grown over the decade disappeared. Suddenly the drugs no longer seemed so friendly, the release seemed risky and no one was trustworthy; Anyone could be a member of a criminal cult. 

 In addition to the foregoing, the fact that Tate and his friends were killed took a little hope from the utopian dreams of the generation. Almost all the individuals who were in that home were philanthropists and in addition to being part of the industry, they helped different organizations and promoted equity in every way. Being deprived of life, those with a similar mindset believed that, being of such people, they could also be targets of any attack. 

 Undoubtedly, the dream was destroyed. 

 After that the world gave another turn. The hippie dream faded and popular culture was delivered to the nihilism offered by disco music and stadium rock. It was a long time before another generation focused on social and political changes. The image of Manson tormented the rest of the last century changing the perception of a world that we thought could be improved, but that actually ended up being worse than we thought. 

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