Islam and Muslims in Africa.part 1

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A Western writer SS Leader wrote, "When Arab winners sent their most qualified people (Egyptian capital) in the seventeenth century, Christian Archbishop Cyrus decided to settle the conditions of Egypt's surrender. Then Archbishop shouted, 'Move the black man, I talk to him Negro Ubaida was the leader of the most qualified people. Christian missionary A The chancellor said that the Muslim man sent the black man, and the Muslims saw the same status as the intimate and white people, not their color, but their character with quality. The priest said, 'OK, if the nigger goes forward, he must speak rigely so that my white The officials are not scared. ' Nigro Muslim leader said, "There are thousands of blacks among my colleagues, black like me I and they all are ready to deal with hundreds of enemies in battle. We only fight for God and follow his will. If we only arrange our hunger and clothes, we do not care about wealth. This world is nothing for us. Everything is in the next. "The rank of black senakaka has increased the status of Islam in Islam, it is rare in this age." Western authors wrote, "Every independent surveyor has noticed that such discrimination must be the biggest obstacle for Christian missionaries, for example, no other Christian campaign can stand against the attitude of these lower and dark Muslims, Muslims say, accept Islam. And brother. There is no racism in Islam. "(SS Leader," Egypt's mystery, 1912 , Page 333-335) "and a Western writer, Lauten Lancelot commented," It should be recognized that religion is more a religion than Christianity than Christianity. In fact, I want to say that Islam is good for the whole world. "(Llan Lancelot, "Sphere" London, 12 May 1928). In fact, black people of Islam represent their true state. There was no black woman like Belal, which she had received as a close companion of the Prophet (peace be upon him). A Western writer C. Schnebe Hurghornji commented, "The United Nations established by the Prophet of Islam has given the world the basis of international unity and human brotherhood policy, which enlightens the other world." Today, black Christians enter the Christian church, an elderly Christian missionary married to marry a nigger girl. Take the matter to the Muslims That is, which shows the low values ​​of Christian society. The fact is, the UN thinks, no other race does not show any similarity to it. "(Mohammedanism, 1916). Lala Hari Daul wrote, "Along with all other religions, Islam has become more successful in destroying the color of apartheid, Muslim groups of Muslims in Africa or Indian Muslim Chamar (POT) do not feel untouchable, but Christians and upper caste Christian Negro Hindus or Hindu Chamar Hindus are not treated like an epidemic. "(Mohammad Amin's" Pratit Mohammed's wisdom " The quote, from Lahore, published in 1946, page 95). John William Dreperner commented, "It is a misconception that only the sword of Arabia can change the minds of an Arab by the sword, but the human mind can not be changed ... when the conflict between the majority and the majority anarchy community (Christianity), a strong word The whole world was listening - the Lord was just one - then what was off is that isolated surprise? It is strange The Christians of Asia and Africa have been closed, and all they had converted to Islam? "(European intellectual history of development, Volume 1, London, 1875, p 332333). Muhammad Siddique John L. Skapti, a professor of the University of Town, wrote, "Islam is not between Islam and Africa, in South-East Asia, but not by Sufi communities and rich people." Islamic threat, page 37) Sir William Muayer wrote, "no The question is not whether Islam is based on pure authoritarianism and fundamental principles of justice and humanity that ethnic Goshen Conservative iguli idolatry and worship, such as the Central African population, and some of them drag on the occasion of the above, in particular the use of rice has improved the human moral value.

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