10 facts about Hollywood

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  1. The Hollywood sign was created in 1923, but not as a symbol of the world of the dream factory. It was just advertising the new residential areas of Los Angeles, and the inscription was long: HOLLYWOODLAND. It was assumed that the sign will stand about one and a half years, however, thanks to the rapid development of the film industry in Hollywood, he decided to leave.

  2. British actress peg Entwisle, not having achieved recognition in Hollywood, has committed suicide by jumping from the letter "H" of the Hollywood sign.

  3. During World war II, the Oscar statuettes were made of plaster.

  4. Over time the letters on the Hollywood sign began to fall away. To restore it, in 1978 the founder of the magazine "Playboy" Hugh Hefner organized an auction of letters. This auction is for three months. American rock musician Ellis Cooper sponsored the restoration of the letter "O" gene Autry and Paul Williams sponsored the restoration of the letters "L" and "W".

  5. The first star laid on the "walk of Fame" on February 9, 1960, owned by Joanne Woodward.

  6. "Stars" are awarded for contribution to the development of the film industry (emblem of immortality), sound recordings (the emblem of the phonograph), the development of the theatre (the emblem of theatrical masks), television (logo TV) and radio (the emblem of the wireless microphone). Just "walk of Fame" around 2600 stars, and for all time of its existence was stolen only 4 stars (kirk Douglas, James Stewart, gene Autry and Gregory peck). These stars are awarded not only people but cartoon characters for example Mickey mouse, and buildings, and companies, and heroes, and many others. There are also empty of stars.

  7. Gene Autry is the only artist who has all five emblems on the star.

  1. In November 2001, in the heart of Hollywood opened the Theater "Kodak" (Kodak Theatre) Seating capacity of over 3,000 spectators. This theatre became the first permanent place of delivery "Oscar" — award of the American Academy of motion picture arts.

  2. Hollywood movie show everywhere: on the stands, and on posters, and on the big screens, and even in cemeteries. There is a "star" cemetery Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where he found his final resting place to such famous film makers like Mel Blanc, Cecil B. DeMille, Bugsy Siegel, etc. Since 2002, the summer film festival "Cinespia" they show new movies. Them projected on the walls of the mausoleum of the legends of Hollywood — Rudolph Valentino.
    Eddie Murphy

  3. The term "Hollywood smile" was coined by a French dentist Charles Pincus in the thirties of the last century. To Hollywood actors could boast on the screen smooth thread of snow-white teeth, Pincus invented the technology, dubbed Hollywood Laminates — ceramic plates, are fixed on the teeth of the actor with a special adhesive powder used for fixing dentures. Thanks to its clientele, Pincus was nicknamed "star dentist" among his patients were Judy garland, Shirley temple, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck, Fred Astaire and many others.

Source: http://mirfactov.com/10-faktov-o-golivude/

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