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America is a large continent that is divided into three parts North America Central America and South America but everything is a single continent what I am going to say today is that it is possible that the Americans gringos speak of America as if only united states Outside america is that they are stupid or that they believe the rest of the continent is also america I would say it's time to get off the cloud of false greatness in which they have been living for since they self-proclaim something that is not they believe that only Americans Are people who live and do great things when it is not so since the reality of this country that Latinos are the ones that are maintained by Latinos are those who develop it "SCIENCE" is developed by Latinos in 60% the rest are Arabs and other nations and they proclaim themselves as if they are the only truth is that I will start a campaign of equality since I can not tolerate that a pedantic American are those who are assigned and L continental name of america when they are a small part we are all americans we are american americans we are argentinean americans are chile, mexico, colombia costa rica, cuba all that we are part of this great continent and not only a country that is in decline and That its rulers strive to make it look strong just to cite an example the alliance of the Pacific is a great initiative where it is shown to the United States that Latin America is great and that without its intervention can do many things the alliance of the Pacific is the 8 power Economic world and I think that will continue to increase and that more countries want to annex are a kind of European union but rather serious Latin American union where with everything we produce and do we can be part of economic power self-sufficient so America is not More than all the beautiful continent that we have and that you are conformed by 95% of Latin America so we are Most in population and economy we also speak Spanish the language that is official of the United Nations and that it will be worldwide and that by the year 2020 we will be about 500 million people speaking this language which makes it the language of the Future as they see from every point of view we see that our dominion is the hour of Latin America, not of gringos american pardon america for a LATIN AMERICA united and strong many thanks for reading me a hug and a cordial greeting.

(POSDATA) Cristóbal colon never entered the United States that was much later when Mr. Americo Vespucio mapped the entire continent.

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