The advice of George Gurdjieff for a full life

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These are Gurdjieff's advice to his daughter to lead a mentally and physically healthy life free and responsible, these councils were recommendations on the basic principle for those who want to seek peace of mind, Gurdjieff who arrived in Russia in 1912 after traveling by Asia and Africa, he brought with him a teaching that was not a religion or philosophy but a practical teaching called the fourth way, which was so called because it was not the path of the fakir, the way of the monk or the path of the yogi .


So without further ado the 83 tips he left to his daughter Dushka Howarth (1924-2010) for anyone who wants to develop an elected state of consciousness and therefore a more integrated and satisfying life.

1- Fix your attention on yourself, be aware at every moment of what you think, feel you want and do.
2- Always finish what you started.
3- Do what you are doing your best.
4- Do not attach yourself to anything that will eventually destroy you.
5- Develop your generosity without witnesses.
6- Treat each person as if they were a close relative.
7- Order what you have messed up.
8- Learn to receive, thank each gift.
9- Stop self-defining.
10- Do not lie or steal, because if you do, you lie and steal from yourself.
11- Help your neighbor without making him dependent.
12- Do not wish to be imitated.
13- You have work plans and fulfill them.
14- Do not take up too much space.
15- Do not make noise or unnecessary gestures.
16- If you do not have it, imitate faith.
17- Do not be impressed by strong personalities.
18- Do not appropriate anything or anyone.
19- Deal equally.

20- Do not seduce.
21- Eat and sleep as strictly necessary.
22- Do not talk about your personal problems to anyone.
23- Do not make judgments or criticisms when you do not know most of the facts.
24- Do not establish useless friendships.
25- Do not follow fashions.
26- Do not avenge yourself.
27- Respect the contracts you have signed.
28- Be punctual, so you show respect to other people.
29- Do not envy the assets or successes of others.
30- Speak only what is necessary.
31- Do not think about the benefits that your works will generate.
32- Never threaten.
33- Make your promises.
34- In a discussion, put yourself in the place of the other.
35- Admit if someone overcomes you.
36- Do not eliminate, transform.
37- Conquer your fears, each of them is a desire that is camouflaged.
38- Help others to help themselves.
39- Conquer your antipathies and get close to people you want to reject.
40- Do not act by reaction to what they say about you, be it good or bad.
41- Transform your pride into dignity.
42- Transform your anger into creativity.


43- Transform your greed into respect for beauty.
44- Transform your envy in admiration for the values of the other.
45- Transform your hate into charity.
46- Do not praise yourself or insult yourself.
47- Treat what does not belong to you as if it belonged to you.
48- Do not complain.
49- Develop your imagination.
50- Do not give orders just for the pleasure of being obeyed.
51- Pay for the services they give you.
52- Do not advertise your works or ideas.
53- Do not try to wake up in other emotions towards yourself as pity, admiration, sympathy or complicity.
54- Do not try to distinguish yourself by your appearance.
55- Never contradict, just shut up.
56- Do not contract debts, acquire and pay immediately.
57- If you offend someone then apologize.
58- If you offend someone publicly then apologize publicly.
59- If you realize that you have said something wrong do not insist on pride in that error and immediately give up that purpose.
60- You do not defend your old ideas just because you were the one who enunciated them.

61- Do not keep useless objects.
62- Do not adorn yourself with other people's ideas.
63- Do not photograph yourself with famous people.
64- Do not answer to anyone, be your own judge.
65- Never define yourself by what you possess.
66- Never talk about yourself without granting yourself the possibility to change.
67- Accept that nothing is yours.
68- When they ask you their opinion about something or someone, just give their qualities.
69- When you get sick, instead of hating that evil, consider it your teacher.
70- Do not look with dissimulation, stare.
71- Do not forget your dead but give them a limited place that prevents them from invading your whole life.
72- In the place where you live, consecrate a place to the sacred.
73- When you do a service do not highlight your efforts.
74- If you decide to work for others, do it with pleasure.
75- If you hesitate between doing and not doing risk and do it.
76- Do not try to be everything for your partner, admit that look in others what you can not give.
77- When someone has your audience do not go to contradict him and steal his audience.
78- Live with money earned by yourself.
79- Do not boast of amorous adventures.
80- Do not boast about your weaknesses.
81- Never visit someone just to fill your time.
82- Get to distribute.
83- If you are meditating and a devil arrives put that devil to meditate.

However, although it is very difficult to follow all these tips, it is good to have some of these in mind.


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Some great tips from my old friend Gurdjieff ;)


yeah, it's good to have some of them present