"BeSaw" Stock, A Real Investment | 100 Years Ago

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100 Years ago a Tire and Rubber Company from Ohio advertised in the "Daily Ardmoreite" newspaper to promote their Stocks to potential investors. They where very proud about themselves and promised fortunes for investors.

Today this company is not in business anymore. On one website someone wrote that they failed during the depression. But I was not able to find more informations about that. Here is the article: 

The BeSaw Tire and Rubber Company

It IS NOT a new company without organization, without a tire proven a success, without recognition in the rubber industry, and without executives experienced in making and marketing tires.

IT IS managed by men who have been through the experimental states of the business. It is now operating one plant day and night in Ohio. It has an established and ever increasing demand for its products, being over ten thousand tires behind on its orders this month. It has many other advantages, all of which assure a future of large dividends to stockholders.

Purchasers of stock in this company will also be stockholders in the plant now operating day and night in Hartville, Ohio.

An investment in the Besaw Tire & Rubber Co. goes right in on a divident earning basis at once while the new Ardmore plant is being constructed and equipped.

Some of Ardmore's best and most prominent business men have visited our factory in Ohio, and investigated our standing, its management, and they also made a thorough investigation of what Rubber Tire factories are doing in Ohio. Their investigation resulted in their, together with 150 other Ardmore citizens, becoming heavy stockholders.

We refer you to any bank in Ardmore, our stockholders, or The Commercial & Savings Bank, Canton, Ohio.

If you are interested in learning more about this proposition, we will be pleased to furnish you with further information, upon receipt of the attached coupon, and we assure you that by mailing this coupon, you will not be obligated in any way whatsoever.

Rubber stocks have made fortunes for investors. Here is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor, and share the dividends with the other Ardmore citizens.

Preview Image: Pixabay | Article source: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn85042303/1917-07-12/ed-1/seq-2/ | In the USA, anything published in and before 1922 is not protected under copyright. No permission is needed to use it. 


Damals war das bestimmt ein tolles Investment.

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