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RE: Today in History: First lobotomy in the USA

in #history5 years ago

Yeah, that all sounds pretty horrible. I often hear people talk about how there are more people around with mental illness these days than in the past. Personally, I think there are probably the same number. Back then though, we locked people away in institutions for every little thing and you never heard from them again. These days that doesn't happen and that is why there seem to be more. I am not saying it was right what they did back then at all. That is just my theory.


i think that most mental illnesses that people claim we "have an increase in" today are actually because 1: There are more people today and 2: our ability to assess a mental problem as a disease has increased immensely in the past 50-100 years. Of course we are probably wrong about a lot of that too but still .

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