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Escrava Anastacia was an ensalved African lady who lived in Brazil in the nineteenth century. As a black slave young lady with shocking beauty, she was promoted as a martyred Saint inside the legends and culture of Rio de Janeiro.

Despite the fact that the Catholic Church does not authoritatively recognize her as a holy person, she has picked up a clique following and is viewed as a protector Saint of the relatives of slaves and the poor in Brazil.

There are a few records of her life, with a few historians guaranteeing that she had Brazilian roots, while others demanded she was of Royal African descent. All things considered, she is considered as a standout amongst the most imperative ladies in the social legacy of Rio de Janeiro.

Recognized as an extremely beautiful lady with an amazonian stature and puncturing blue eyes, she was conceived on the fifth of March, around the first part of the nineteenth century. Her mom, Delminda, was a black lady from the Bantu clan. She was accepted to be from the regal group of Galanga, every one of whom were sold in a slave ship to Rio, Brazil.

Delminda was assaulted by a white proprietor and was sold to Joaquina Pompeu while pregnant with Anastacia. Anastacia was one of the first dark female slaves to be conceived with blue eyes.

Anastacia grew up to be unfathomably beautiful, with everybody on the ranch staggered to see a pretty dark young lady with blue eyes. In a demonstration of desire, the white ladies asked the proprietor's child, Joaquin Antonio to make her wear an heavy iron neckline and a muzzle on her face rendering her unable to talk.


She stoically endured through the slave mask for the rest of her life, but despite this inhuman treated melted on Anastacia, she still treated everybody with a quiet aura, benevolence, and love. The incomprehensible pains from the mask would later end up being her notorious image of affliction.

There are numerous varieties of the explanations behind her barbaric treatment, all of which say Anastacia as being brutally treated and assaulted by her proprietor. The stories shift from the white ladies' sheer desire of Anastacia's excellence, or supporting the escape of different slaves, taking sugar, or just opposing her lord's sexual caprice.

After numerous times of agony and brutality, the beautiful lady died of tetanus caused by the iron collar. But before she died, she did the unimaginable. Despite the inhuman treatment on her, before she passed on, she cured her master's child of a serious disease and pardoned them for the unforgiving treatment they gave her.

The proprietor after death manumitted her, revoking her slave status, and she was covered in a slave burial ground in Rio. Her remaining parts were in the Church of Rosario, yet tragically, they were lost in a house fire.

Escrava Anastacia is recognized till date as a symbol of sympathy and forgiveness. Nurses, detainees, and the ill pray to her and today she has a place of worship in Vas Lobo, in Rio.


There are dynamic petitions that urge Rome to sanctify her as St. Anastacia of Rio. Circumstantially, Anastacia gets from an old Greek word which signifies "Restoration".




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