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RE: The White Rajah: Hollywood’s First Truly Doomed Film

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Oh I forgot to add. You should also note the image sources. There are curators on here searing for quality posts, but just add the image links at the bottom of the page.

It's my opinion only, but since History Buff is no longer running, I don't see why you can't bring your work over. As long as it's your work. It should be recorded somewhere, why not have it on blockchain history?

Best, hope you enjoy it here. Let me, or any one of our #newbieresteemday members, know if you have any questions.


Will do! Thank you for all of the advice. I wrote this one such a long time ago that I believe I may have lost my works cited, but I do recall that I was only allowed to post images under creative commons, so I was pretty careful about sourcing. Still, you're absolutely right that I should be posting my sources.

I spoke with the editor of History Buff a few weeks ago and got his permission to repost, so I think I will bring over at least a couple of them. I have one in particular that I'm saving for when I have a few more followers. :)

Yes, save it until you can get more people on your blog. Don't just look at the followers count; some may just be bots. Or people who are following a gazillion other people. I would wait until you get a good number of votes regularly. That means people are actually reading your material. I've been here a month and few stop by to read my blog, lol. I don't write much though. You'll find interacting with people here is probably the best part of steemit.

I don't know how people feel about seeing the cheetah, but I personally don't think it's wrong if it's your work. I hope you get more people reading your blog. There are a lot of topics on here. History should be one of it. :)

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