The Origin of Treasure Hunting on the Balkans - The Thracians.

in history •  2 months ago

A long time ago, an ancient tribe lived on the Balkan Peninsula encompassing much of the current territories of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Northern Greece and Romania. These people are the cause of much of the treasure seeking in the region. The tribe are known as Thracians.



The picture shows one of the current Thracian Treasures on Exhibit in Bulgaria.

The interesting part is that the Thracians were skillful craftsmen as can be seen and made all sorts of objects. Moreover, they had the tendency to bury their leaders together with their riches in tombs which were difficult to find.

Nowadays, the rumors say that there are many undiscovered Thracian treasures on the Balkans and many people are searching for them.

Disclaimer: The photos used are from Wikipedia. The story is original.

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