Let me introduce you to extraordinary Australian artist May Gibbs

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The reason for this post was this photo I received from my sister yesterday. Not only is it the cutest drawing by a well know Australian artist and author May Gibbs who lived from 1877 to 1969, it clearly shows masks were worn during the Spanish Flu pandemic.

I love her imagination. The kookaburra looks very cute sitting beside a gum nut baby.


According to wikipedia May Gibbs was born in the UK she moved to n Australia in 1881 with her parents and lived in both South Australia and Western Australia during her growing up years. It is written she loved the Australian bush and it was this love that inspired her drawings and stories of the gum nut babies. It is written that May Gibbs studied art back in England for a period of time before returning to live her adult years in Australian. She is a bit of an icon in Australia being very well known for her drawings of gum nut babies and for her children books.

Here are a few of her drawings of gum nut babies I found on google.

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May Gibbs's books are still for sale. They are not seen in the bookshops very often these days but there is an official May Gibbs website where stationary, clothing and art etc can be bought. source

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May Gibbs was an extraordinary woman and artist/author whose memory has been honoured in Australia with the printing of a stamp in 1985 and a street named May Gibb in Canberra in 1988. And .....On 3 December 2016, the State Library of New South Wales opened an exhibition of Gibbs’ artwork to mark the 100th anniversary of the publication of Gumnut Babies.

To finish off, here is a pic of May Gibbs that I copied from wikipedia.

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Here is are a couple of shots of a sunset from my Wednesday walk yesterday evening. It made my walk! Sunset time for Queensland right now is 5:30pm




Howdy angiemitchell! Wonderful sunset shots here and what a wonderful woman, author and artist May Gibbs was! This is a beautiful tribute to her. That's a really good photo of her too, very interesting.

Hi janton, there are and have been so many very clever artistic people leaving their mark on the world. They are all so different as you are so good at showing us on your posts.

I agree and I'm always amazed at the talent and skill that I keep finding.

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What a cute name the gum nut baby and glad you got out for a walk to enjoy that beautiful sunset :)

Take care yourself and stay safe my friend :)

Morning @bigsambucca, gum nuts are very Australian. Thankfully we have the space to exercise without going near other fellow walkers and cyclists. I hop e you have the same. Stay safe and well too, blessings to you.

As long as we have that space to exercise we won't go to insane...lol :))

Stay well and safe my friend.