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Life is full of wonderful, funny, moving, and sometimes sad events. This is the kind of stories told by people whose stories made laugh and cry even the hardest editors of Genial.guru this year.

Last night our house caught fire. Fortunately, all my family and my dog ​​managed to escape from the flames. Suddenly I remembered that the turtle was still inside ... I looked at the dog and he was carrying it in its snout. That's how my friend rescued our mutual friend.
I was lining up in a store today. In front of me a 9-year-old girl asked her mom for a chocolate. After some "no", the mother gave up and bought it. The girl took the chocolate, returned to the line and handed it to a child who was crying behind me. His mother asked him why he had given him the chocolate and the girl replied that he had heard how the boy's mother told him that he almost did not have enough money and that he could not find a job. If someone has a good heart, he has it since childhood.

A few days ago he was a grandpa to the hairdresser where I work. Dress in the fashion of the 70s, very neat, even provoked tenderness. He asked me to cut his pretty hair, to cut it in style. I did, we do not talk much in the process. However, I thought he looked very tidy and quite attractive for his age. In addition, at that age, they usually ask for "quick" and "short" cuts, not "fashionable" ones.
He put on his glasses and asked: "Do I look good?" The girl in the seat next to her exclaimed: "Yes, just like a boyfriend!" We all smiled and he, with an offended touch in his voice, replied: "It's what I am, a boyfriend." A condescending smile appeared on our faces: okay, he's a young grandpa in his soul, I wish everyone were like that.
Meanwhile, the old man, retouching his hair and getting up from his seat said: "Today we celebrate the golden wedding".
My skin got stuck, friends.

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