HireVibes development update: May 2018

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Disclaimer: This development update was originally posted on the Steemit account for EOSVibes, the Dapp Developing EOS Block Producer candidate.

Welcome to the first post of our development updates for HireVibes, which we plan to publish every month. These posts will help us and our community to keep updated with our development progress. Feel free to ask questions below.

HV team members will share some of the most important things they have worked on, the problems they encountered, what they might work on next, and anything else interesting.

Like many software development processes, we’re following these stages to reach our full release:

  • Prototype on EOS network: Q3 2018
  • Private alpha: Q4 2018
  • Private and public beta: Q1 2019

Right now, we’re working on our backend as mentioned below. And we’re continuing to validate our proposed solutions to the problems in the recruitment space - Talking with potential customers and partners, both online and in-person, mostly around Dublin, Ireland, currently. If you’re interested in learning more or in using HireVibes for your future hiring, feel free to get in touch with us.


We feel like it is our responsibility, to the cryptospace in general and specifically, to the HireVibes community to build the best decentralized solution that would come with inherent governance mechanisms. To that end, a lot of our development efforts up until this point have been focused on research and experimentation.

We are using a rapid prototyping method to figure out if a certain technology would work with the system or not. For instance, we are very sensitive to the privacy issues that arise when taking users' personal data that cannot be made public on the blockchain. We were thinking of integrating BigchainDB with the dapp. However, we encountered several problems with it pertaining to local deployment, the unavailability of their test node, but more significantly the lack of robust security mechanisms for data in transit or in store. We are now weighing our options, digging into EOS to find if it has a solution to store data privately, because we do not want to encrypt and add performance bottlenecks.

By nature, a blockchain is a public-ledger, so it's a risk to store personal information on a blockchain. However we may not store users’ personal information on the EOS blockchain. For personal information, we’re exploring a hybrid solution until a secure decentralized solution can be tested and implemented. This hybrid solution is a temporary one with the goal to be 100% decentralized in the future. Zero-knowledge encryption (to obfuscate the data) may help us get there, an approach used by other EOS based platforms, like Iryo.

The other thing we're testing and experimenting with are the EOS smart contracts and their integration with eosjs, which has worked out pretty well so far. We're also looking into Scatter, which is to EOS what Metamask is to Ethereum. For those not in the know, it is basically a wallet for EOS, that we're thinking of integrating into the dapp so that it will be easy for our users to sign in, update their profiles, etc.


Technology stack:

  • Frontend: Vue.js
  • Backend : Golang
  • Database: CouchDB
  • Blockchain: EOS


We’re serious about design 🎨😉

And we’re striving to bring good design to the blockchain space. We have designed most of our core features for HireVibes. We’ll stagger the development of these as we progress, starting with the must haves to solve the problems we know in recruiting space.

Some of these problems are:

  1. Most ads listed on recruitment agency websites don’t disclose the details of the employer, so jobseekers can never see what company they could be applying to.
  2. Then, when the agency does help jobseekers find a job (a contract job for example) they usually charge an extra margin on top of the successful candidates rate to the employer. Some recruitment agencies charge a 50% margin on top of the candidate’s rates, some agencies even charge a 100% margin.
  3. But something that annoys many of us most today, is the huge disconnection between the work we do and the current health of the planet we’re living on. There’s a lack of connection to the causes close to our heart. Some of us feel we’re not contributing to alleviating the real problems in our world, like human suffering, deforestation, animal extinction, etc.

HireVibes helps alleviate these problems. It offers a way to do more and give back in some way that is secure, fun and reflective of all the hard work we have all done to date in our careers.


Starting off, something to help with the problems in our space, is a collection of jobs and access to apply for these. Each job card shows job details, which include the employer’s name and logo as well as salary and reward. There’s no hidden job advertisements so jobseekers can always see what company they could be applying to.


Here we show more information around the the job details and description, especially around the pay and reward. As well as offering companies a much lower fee IF they hire on HireVibes, jobseekers and referrers can earn a reward on successful hire:

  • Jobseekers can earn 4% of the jobs pay and another 1% to donate to good causes
  • Referrers can earn 2% of the jobs pay while the other 2% goes to successful jobseeker, and the 1% to donate to good causes, of course.

We’re excited about the prospect of every new hire on HireVibes donating to a good cause. By receiving a token reward that includes a portion to donate, we feel the new hire will be happier and more engaged which will massively reduce the risk of the new starter leaving. The token reward will act as a loyalty incentive and will overall produce a happy user experience for the candidate.

As this design section focuses mostly on jobs and applying for jobs on HireVibes, see the video below for a quick click-through of our designs around this area.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read. We would love to know your thoughts! Comment below, or join us on our EOSVibes Telegram and HireVibes Telegram channels. Cheers!


Love this guys, slick looking GUI and an all round fantastic idea, I cannot wait to start using the service and I will be spreading the word.

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