HireVibes Welcomes Two New Team Members

in #hirevibes3 years ago

Liam Murphy - Product Designer

Currently based in Berlin, Liam is a cryptocurrency enthusiast having had an interest in blockchain technology since building his first mining rig in 2013.

With past experience as a Recruiter at Intercom he now spends his time building digital products for SumUp & HireVibes.

I worked in Recruitment for a short time after University, followed by time spend working on a Recruitment product and most recently as a Product Designer for a financial technology company.
When Daniel Beere (Lead Design - HireVibes) and I were talking about the concept behind EOSVibes and more specifically, HireVibes, it seemed like a no brainer and it just felt like the perfect fit for me.

Claiza Oliveira - Social Media Manager

Claiza is a Marketing Professional who moved from Brazil to Ireland in 2014 just after finishing college. Her work experience involves marketing, communication and management roles within different industries.

Due to Claiza's curious nature and passion for technology, she developed a keen interest in Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies.

Claiza will be joining both EosVibes and HireVibes as their Social Media Manager in order to help grow their community and spread their wonderful ideas.