Steemit Exclusive: ~2 Unreleased Hunks of Shit!

in hiphop •  10 months ago

I've come a long way since a humble beginning.

I will repeat that I am nothing special. I firmly believe the fruits of my labor are just that: hard work and time.

I train every day.

There's never a day that goes by where I twiddle my thumbs.

If I'm not writing, rehearsing, making beats, etc I get a restless. Not a single day do I slack when it comes to personal growth. Over the last year I've thought long and hard about how I could have started what I do publicly. You guys LITERALLY have heard my first OKAY song that I've released. Everything else I have worked on is collecting dust inside of a Dropbox. Collabs gone unfinished mainly because of bullshit and ADHD.

At the times of these two tracks I had much to learn yet I STILL thought these were gonna be THE SONGS that would get me noticed / I would be completely happy with them.

Life isn't what it seems - even expectations or dreams can age.

It's hard to see progress so I encourage everyone to share with me how far they've come.

Don't get attached to what you think will be your best because you can easily outdo yourself.





This year I plan to go all in.

I am dropping a tape (FROM THE HILLS) an album (ANATHEMA) and a shitton of singles I have worked tirelessly on over the past two years.

I am stepping out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and I invite you to train with me on this amazing platform. I want to usher a new movement of music and for once in my life I feel I am truly strong enough to do it.

Thank you for reading!!

At like 20 upboats I'll drop an unreleased beat just for you guys.

I think you'll like it but who knows? <3




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Man's a fiend. What happens when good artists get paid themselves? We're gonna start hearin a lotta good music.. I can't wait.

DGAF and Stay woke are lit! Really dig your music so I also followed on SC.

in this new year, i wish you all the best and success dear. keep it up

Its new information for me thank you for sharing this I follow you and hope I learn from your posts good work

These were all very good! I really Liked Lucy. Keep up the good work and I look forward to listening to more of your music :)

All the best for the new year. Thank you for sharing your story and your works. I also produce music (11 years this year) and I've learnt too that our sound constantly evolves. It progresses due to our growth and it progresses due to the change in the sounds in the culture as a whole and that's okay. I wish you all the best with your releases in 2018.

I won't lie, the title cracked me up & drew me in lol.


Ayy :D<333

Love the music vibes on this project here. Just bumped into a new music store on the block chain called Steemsongs that might be a very interesting space for artists like yourself. I'm just a DJ from AL that loves music so I look forward to your releases. Good work.


Looks like it's in beta. So swing by their Steemit page @steemsongs to find out how to get involved in the beta :) Cheers

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Wow... Your story has been inspirirng ... I've been producing for a while and really can relate with this post. Year in and year out you find out that your art evolves over and over again.. But never the less the more you read and learn the quickly the your skills grow. Nice one ..


I am nothing but someone who desires greatness. You can too! I swear!!

your story is very motivating.. and those sounds are such an epic!..but I want to ask you dear friend.. how can i get more people blog and how to get higher upvotes?


Steemit chat! I am only a lesser man. Talk to people and show them your full potential!!

Dude, I just saw this post because it's trending in Music, and as a fellow electronic music, it's really good to see that someone else that does this has broken through and had a successful post.

yo vibe your breaking through man greatness is possible for us all it seems.
keep it up man.

If we write good and informative articles then it will definitely go into trending section no need for any promotion.... Nice post @vibekilla!!

Stay Woke is heat!

DAMN dude. This video is giving me hope my own studio and production content can generate so much interest. Congrats on both a successful music production and blog documentation grind. After having just finished my first major content release on here, I now have -infinity- more appreciation for how serious both sides of this grind can be.

I fully subscribe to the analogy of physical training and the daily discipline of self motivated music production. I’ve run a studio for almost a decade and there will -always- be some daily grind aspect if you want to improve, macro or micro. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve repatched the modular synth or shot out snare mic positions and I’m still learning new technique and hopefully soon documenting what I’ve learned on steem!

Keep crushing it dude. Easy follow.

Kudos and Respect bruv! May 2018 be full of more growth and success and great health, Kudos!