Just HODL ( Dirty Mix Version ) @sirlunchthehost x @jamesgetsit Hip Hop Collab.

in hiphop •  3 months ago

Here is a Blockchain Based Hip Hop Song Called: Just HODL
Produced By: @sirlunchthehost
Vocals By:@jamesgetsit

A track made to inspire people of Crypto to JUST HODL when the markets aren't doing what you want them to do. No matter what HODLing is the best answer..Or is it? (jokes). Enjoy the tune to all my hip hop heads out there

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This is awesome.
This is exactly what we need to share with others.
Thanks for creating this awesome song "Just HODL"

Loving this vibe!
It's totally dope!

'Calm down Just HODL'

Yeah I like this. It's pretty smooth!!