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HipHop Crib

Wassup y'all ,

Well, you might have seen my first blog. I am a hip-hop enthusiast since 2007.
Of course, I wasn't into HipHop back then, until I started take it more serious in Breakin'.

A process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
I have made some changes to my own room. So that I keep motivated in doing what I love to do now.
Breaking and Djying.


Well, that's my DJ equipment setup with "Rocatz" Graffiti by Nerdie. This is where I would be spending my time the most practicing my cut and scratch. And planning to purchase a new monitor speaker. That would be nice. But it might annoyed my neighbor with the loud noise. LOL

Well, honestly. I still live with my parents. Back when I was in still in secondary school, I don't have any personal room at all. I use to sleep and do all my work in da living room. Of course, that include changing cloth as well. Sad isn't it? Not until my parents decided to renovate our house house now I do have my own bedroom all. With that, I've decided to do it as my own "HipHop Studio". It takes approximately 4 years to have like what you have seen in the first picture.

So below, I would love to share you the progress within 4 years.


First, let's start with this boring plain color wall. I've contacted my crewmate who's willing to do it. Of course, it is not free service. That is the outline, and took few hours before it looks this(below).



Then, I bought my first DJ controller. Well, it is a really dope controller. DDJ S1 by Pioneer is considered as professional digital controller, I love to play records on the vinyl turntable and to actually experience this"feel" when scratching using a analogue turntable. I love the concept and feel of a moving platter associated with analogue turntables, and to see the marker spinning as well as a visual guide.

A large room just enough for me to keep practising


Well, after 3 years, I sold my digital controller and bought the so call "traditional" turntable.

And I do collect records as well,Mostly jazz,soul,rap,funk,breakz,salsa and any local songs.


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