What Is Hip Hop? What Does It Mean To You? Are You A Culture Vulture?

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It's not just music


As most of you know I have been doing music for a pretty long time. In all of my posts I always sprinkle it in my content. Even if it's just playing one of my songs in the background. I have always identified myselfwith Hip Hop. Many people think this is just another Genre but they would be highly mistaken. It's much deeper than that. Rap is a Genre R&B is a genre but both are considered part of Hip Hop.

Hip Hop is more than just music. Hip Hop is a culture, a way of life forged out of the belly of the beast. In the past 20 years we have seen companies put Hip Hop music in all their advertisements and anything you can ad music to. While they rake in millions of dollars do you really think they care about the culture? In the words of Dame Dash these people are culture vultures. What is a culture vulture? It's a person or entity that takes things from a certain culture to benefit themselves while not giving back to the culture that helped make you more money in the first place. These days culture vultures are popping up left and right.

As I said before Hip Hop isn't just music it's the way we talk, the way we dress the way we lean back in a fresh ride while cruisin' down the Ave. It's the way you walk into a club like you own it. Growing up in Brooklyn in the late 80's through to the 90's you just felt it in the air. I feel blessed to have grown up in that era even though the situation in the street was pretty insane. There wasn't internet or people zombified by their cellphones. You actually had to go out and interact with the real world. Unlike today if you wanted to talk to a friend you most likely had to go out and find them if they weren't home. I remember always seeing the older guys rapping in cyphers while at the same time people break dancing on cardboard.

Some hardcore fans are really in a state of confusion with the current way things are in Hip Hop. I honestly believe that is the farthest from the truth. Like I said up above Hip Hop is a way of life a culture and not a Genre. So why are we coming down so heavy on these new Hip Hop artists. We all know that most of them couldn't rap with the hitters from the 90's and early 2000's. But if you hear most of them in interviews they will be the first to admit that they are not rappers. I don't know what genre you can put these guys in but the term Mumble Rapper has been floating around for a couple years. Honestly I don't like the term but it is what it is. At the end of the day these new guys are the ones that are going to carry the torch until it's time to pass it to the next generation.

Hip Hop is going to be around long after we are all gone and I am sure eventually it will become a real powerful movement. Even though if you think about it Hip Hop is already very powerful. It helped get Obama elected I'm just sayin'!!!

Let me know in the comment section what Hip Hop means to you!!!!

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Yeah but you forgot to mention The founding father of HipHop is Clive Campbell aka DJ Kool Herc!


Founding Father? Seems like "Hip Hop" needs a constitution AHEM (steem)

I was talking to @fyrstikken the other night on his steem speak channel. That dude is hilarious! I mentioned your song and said I was looking forward to the video.

I love the community on this site; a lot of good things coming.


Its happening and yes stay on https://steemspeak.com its full of winners now, winners and players who do combat against each other not with words but economically mock combat...
I hope you stay around long enough to see the great Shitcoins Music Video.... and many other videos.. for many songs that deserve videos now..


Oh, I'll be around for sure.. I am all in for Steem

I did not know your story with Hip Hop, it's always good to know a little more about friends @mrviquez I know little of this genre, but with you in Smart Media Group I learned, and maybe I ended up singing with you. hehehehe
Good vibes.

LOL i already took hip hop to the next level on steem but no one knows yet LOL

You should ask me what Hip Hop means because as a listener Im on the cutting edge,

Im the target audience, were trying to sell hip hop to Religeious families in Utah so make it clean enough for everyone to party LOl

We will win becauyse we already won

EOS for the enterprise level businesses and steem for the streets??

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I am new to a lot of this music so Im like pandoras box, you get to test my reaction lol its true, no one else wants to do this

only I understand the future of VR hip hop music videos no one else can do it! no one else has the smart city, No one

no one can catch up because no city on Earth has this many smart appliances that can all move in unison like one beautiful harmonious dance

And I will walk down my street in VR with my 100 Tinashe Belly Dancers in VR all dancing like ME like a human digital centipede flower lotus unraveling, open your third eye, ackzas light show starts in San Diego and ascends to every city on Earth with HAARP laser holograms we can project anywhere on eareth

when i said we can have a pepe anywhere on earth in 3 minutes i wasnt kidding, lol ackza is the blue beam digital voodoo master


EOS for enterprise and Steem for the streets? wtf bro.You gotta stop taking so much cocaine dude.

True words!
Great post!