A Haunted House

in hillhouse •  last year 

My house is haunted people say
and everyone is ready to pay
to spend a night in a haunted place
where ghosts and shadows seem to race
around the rooms and through the walls
and then the spirit stops and calls
someone's name so crystal clear
there is no doubt a spirit is near.
Not everyone can last the night
in Hill House Manor's spirit delight.


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Is there still activity?

Oh, yes. I, myself saw a shadow person yesterday while cleaning the downstairs. Most teams who investigate report lots of activity including people being touched, hair pulled, shadow people, disembodied voices and more.

Pretty good.
I would consider camera the place up

We have a few cameras in place around the house, connected to a security system.

Sounds good. You should be able to get some real great footage.

http://www.HillHouseManor.com has some evidence on it. Check it out sometime.