I saw the heaven there! Amazing!


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Thanks the guruasia, got another one posted, for some more scenery to soak in...

Wow what a beautiful place:)

thanks, I couldn't agree more.

Hi unipsycho,

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It was cold? I've never been there haha, it looks very beautiful, what do you think of the place? I would like to take pictures like yours :)

Stunning views! What was the temperature when you visited the place? I'm not sure if I'm correct but I see some places with snow? I wonder if it's possible to swim in the lake in summer or if it's always so cold.

I like the rough, rocky terrain. It must have been an amazing hike.

Thank you for sharing! I have enjoyed your photos.

Have a lovely day!

It looks really stunning @unipsycho! And lake is so calm and peaceful. The 2nd last photo shows that the water is so clear. Wow. Is there fish in there? I love the last photo too :) Thank you for sharing!