Hiking left at Unstad, Lofoten

in hiking •  3 months ago 

I just finished a 7.881km hike that lasted about 3hh:49mm:31ss !


Quick hike with my friend Oscar. You can see the ridge from the Arctic co-working Lodge and I've wanted to give this route a crack since I showed up here last year. Took the alternate route on the way back. One part is pretty sketchy and probably not a great idea. Fun though. Lofoten still blows my mind every-time.

Interested in checking out @exhaust. I just started using Strava again to track some cycles and now hikes. Keen to figure of if Steem can be used as a positive addition for tracking trining and activities.



Check out some detailed info at my EXHAUST page
Join me in testing out EXHAUST!

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safe travels!

Thanks mate! I'm gonna be staying up here in the van over summer :)

Can’t beat it! The best.

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