I LOVE fall hikes in the SWISS mountains 🍂

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This hike took us above the timberline to the Balmeregghorn. The fog gave this day a special charm. If you visit Switzerland don't forget to add Melchsee Frutt to your places to visit. Hike: Melchsee-Frutt 1920 m - Balmeregghorn 2255m - Erzegg 2174 mm – Tannalp 1977m - Melchsee-Frutt 👍








Excellent photos I love cloudy weather

lovely pix

Great photo. I want to visit Switzerland now.

Great post and pictures. The little sunshine make the pictures unique :)

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Very beautiful mountains photo,is Switzerland country of mountains, i like climbing mountain, highest i climbed 2400 ft,however i love it, it reminds me the mercy of almighty, who has created the all natures, He is the creator, He is the nourisher, maintainer, sustainer, we should obey His Command, He is Allah, we have to back again to Him. He is free from all partnership. thank you very much for such a good post.

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It looks awesome.

Thank you, you are too kind ❤️

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