Easter fun.

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A couple of pictures from todays "exercise". It is not much as reminds of spring and easter today. We still have quite heavy snowfalls and lots of snow. We can probably go skiing in the mountains in the middle of June. Today we went skiing uphills an construction road around 3 km. The goal was up the mountain plateau 6 km up in the mountain. As we went uphill we got more snow and wind so we decided to turn around halfway up.


We kept a pretty fast pace up the mountain. I got hot, sweaty and exhaust, but it feels good to push my self a little once and a while. Particularly in times like this. Luckily I can get outdoors without meet much people.




Nero running in front when we easily skiing downhill.


Best regards


Probably the last winter days with such snow. I am wondering Harald,do you miss winter and snow in summer? Because it looks like you have a lot of fun in winter :)

No I dont miss winter in summer😊 and I dont miss summer in the winter. I like all seasons 😂 but in the end of April I look forward to take a walk on bear ground and a little better temperatures.🌞

Do you have real brown bears there?

Bear, my bad English 😄 l meant walk outside without snow. But yes it have been observed bears in the area recently, 6 months ago, but I have never seen any so far

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