Hiking to white city ruins a top Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mountain in the San Gabriel Mountains

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Distance: 5.8 miles (out and back)Elevation change: 1400 feet Hiking
Open to: Hikers, dogs, bikes
Fees & Permits: It's free!
Location: Altadena, CA: Approx. 3 hours 15 minutes

Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mountain in the San Gabriel image

Long ago, back in the 90s – that is the 1890s, the resort built on Echo Mountain was one of the largest tourist draws in California. imageThaddeus Lowe’s resort, known as the White City, was perched at an elevation of 3,200 feet, overlooking the city of Pasadena and a grand stretch of Southern California. image

The resort was long ago destroyed by wildfires, leaving fascinating ruins for present day visitors to explore.Echo Mountain Trail ends at the foundation of the resort complex known as the White City. image Remaining machinery and masonry are accompanied by numerous park-provided plaques that add history and scope to the setting. Still standing is the landing and steps where guests would exit White Chariots, the tramcars that delivered them from Rubio Canyon to Echo Mountain. imageThe impressive incline tramline has long disappeared, but the old route is visible below. Constructing a line on this steep slope is an impressive piece of engineering, even by today’s standards. #photography #photo #hiking #nature #exploration #sangabriel

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