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This is one of the hardest hut to hut hikes I have been on and I was not well prepared for the strain it would have on my feet and the distance between huts.

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What to Pack:
Generally this is really logical depending on the hike your will be going on and what is along the trail and at each destination. It also depends on you and what you want to take with.

Here are a couple of essential things to pack.
Hiking boots
Backpack 50-60L
Socks-a pair for each day and a few extra
First aid kit
1L water bottle(depending on the trail)
One warm set of clothing, one cold set of clothing and one spare.
Water proof jacket
Water proof pouches for valuables(camera)
Gas cooker(Hiking set)
Hiking bag cover (water proof)
Biodegradable soap and other cleaning things for your body, unless you don't mind stinking a little
Things to wash eating utensils (Very Important)
Something to purify water (what you prefer)

Things for this hike that I went on:
There is showers, beds and braai facilities so things such as a gas cooker would would not need, but take for in case it rains and the wood is wet. As there is a shower you might take more clothing and normal soap. Beds and huts are really a treat as you do not need to carry a tent or sleeping mat, this can take away a lot of unwanted backpack weight making your trip a little easier. \

This was a 6 Day hike and you would have to carry all the food with you for each day. Avoid heavy food, the best foods to take is food that gets mixed with water and comes in small light bags. High carb foods do give you more sustainable energy than sugary foods, this is something you want to keep in mind when getting your food. Avoid tin food, tins are heavy and if you have to carry the empty tins down with you, you will learn this the hard way.

Snack pack is important as well as something to re-hydrate you. This will keep your muscles fed throughout each days hike and will make it easier to stay full of energy, thus preventing you from "hitting the wall".

Anything else you feel like taking is up to you, just remember that you will be carrying it for 6 days.

Last thing you have to take is a good attitude and excitement, there is nothing worse than having a 6 day hike with someone who does not want to be there since day one.


hello buddy i see your post your shear guide tips of hiking ...i love hiking ..seeing your post it remember me the hiking trip which we have done last year to china border ...we really enjoy that hiking ,,another is rakaposhi hiking track which is the world 7 highest peak.....buddy you post rise my passion more short enjoy every moment of life ....
you also mention the guide of selection thanks its help people ..... awesome

Hiking in China is something I really want to do.

Awesome article! I heard hiking is hard, yet It seems I've still underestimated how difficult it could be. Just the preparation alone is complicated enough. If your preparation is lacking it could endanger your life. Whoever told me that hiking is simple , I like to have a heart to heart talk with him. Thanks for the informative article and have a good day.

Once you know what you are doing hiking becomes simple, but for someone starting out, it then is difficult. Once you have the experience everything becomes simple.

I love to go on hikes..but i stopped the day one of my friends was almost kidnapped

Oh man your article is quite owsum. Keep sharing such stuff.

Brillant article if you really enjoy hiking come visit India and Pakistan
you will amaze to see both countries :-)

Nice post ..

Awesome post

Hiking is amazing way to get lost from reality and get some much needed you time shere your free to free fly the thoughts wants dreams n goals. I love to hike!

thanks for share good post

Intersting post,Hiking is a discipline in its own right. Beneficial for both the physical and the mental.

I love hiking. Its the best way to get in touch with nature and also to keep your body in shape :)

Wow thnx, will be resteeming and coming back to this for later 👌🏿😎

nice guidelines for the hiking. Great and very informative for the newbies

Amazing post! This list will be helpful to so many. Thanks for providing it!

wow but all that equipment must be very expensive, although it must be very pleasant to be in contact with nature and be in an environment outside noise and pollution.

Yes the equipment is pretty expensive

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