Thru Hike Complete!

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Appalachian Trail
Summited on Friday the 13th, a clear day on Mount Katahdin.
Started at Amicalola State Park on April 7th.
Over six months to go 2190 miles. 14 states.
Met many great people out there- hikers and angels. Experienced a lot of heart warming generosity.
Back home to Maryland and the real world.
What an awesome adventureF894CE1F-4A06-4122-8BBA-4A013FD90BE4.jpeg


Wow, congrats!! Emoji_u1f44f.svg.png I would love to hear more about your journey! The good times and kind people, and pictures of the great scenery, but also the tough times and the many challenges that you must have faced along the way.

@cdubendo VERY good job thanks for sharing

That is such an amazing photo! But it's scary too. How stable is it? :)

Thanks for the upvote @cdubendo

are you not afraid of falling ??