The Dos Cabezas Mine in Imperial Valley California

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In 1958, Plaster City was a hotbed of mines for people who wanted to capitalize on the manufacture of plaster from limestone and quartz for landscaping. Along the San Diego/Arizona railway route, the impossible railroad that ran through historic Goat canyon from 1919 to 1951 lies this marker of a now abandoned mine.

Dos Cabezas Mine Carizo Gorge California.jpg

Nearby, the San Diego Metropolitan Transit Authority has purchased the land for the old railway with plans to reopen this historic route.



It is illegal to hike on the tracks (you can receive a citation or be arrested), but there is no train that runs this way currently, and nearby trails allow a safe look at a piece of history.

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Wow...amazing rail photo sir


Thank you. It's technically illegal to go on the tracks like that, but since there is currently no rail service I felt safe.