The Truth - Hidden in Plain Sight

in #hidden3 years ago

Every "Publix Super Market" product barcode starts with the numbers 4141.
-The number 4141 can be deciphered into the letters DNA, 4=D, 14=N, 1=A
Every GTIN barcode (Not just Publix) has a secret 6-6-6 within the barcode. (There are three sets of lines that set-up every barcode, 2 thin lines in the front, 2 thin lines that stick further down in the middle, and 2 thin lines at the end. Those lines are the number 6 in barcode language.)

Translation = There is Evil in our DNA. We are both good and bad. We need to recognize that we are capable of extreme evil and we must actively choose to do good. Jesus died for our sins because we all fall short of the Glory of God.




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