Rico Rothstein - Real Life [Official Video]

in hi-hop •  9 months ago

"Real Life" Video from Rico Rothstein of the Kitchen Creww

Filmed & Edited by Boston CEO

Free Rico Rothstein

Rico 1.jpg

I see there's not really a hip-hip community on steemit. Thinking about starting something up to create support for the artist and the culture. Let me know in the comments if you want to collab to make this happen.


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i like the idea is nice to grow the Hip Hop Community Thanks for sharing i like the sound


Stay tuned..We will be rolling out the plans soon, I am going to need people to spread the word in order for the community to grom... Thank you!

Tight stuff you guys! I dig the delivery.


Word, appreciate it. Stay tuned...working on the Discord channel for the community. ill keep you posted.