Steem Terminal & Hey Have Ya Met Promo Video to (Surprise) and Share

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A beautiful birdie from the AMAZING Steem Discord Terminal, @brittandjosie, asked for some help (in return for some STEEM) to surprise @xcountytravelers with a LONG overdue present - a video for the wonderful terminal as well as for the long standing- and Steem Community Building Blog - Hey Have Ya Met (HHYM), so without further ado...

Thanks again @brittandjosie for allowing me to help, and for all the work you do for the Discord Terminal and to the #HHYM Blog for helping promote new Steemians and building an engaging community.

Steem On


Oh my gosh! I am in tears! This is so wonderful. Thank you so much for this gift. I do appreciate your hard work and friendship.

What so you give a founder ? A woman Who is sweet and has a hhym mind and soul and a steemterminal staff member always ON. Ahe has Some physical trouble at the moment so time for Some TLC
So @xcountytravelers this one is for you and you deserve it! Be Well and take your time we are holding the fort!

Thank you so much, my dear friend and cohort @brittandjosie. I am feeling much better since I started getting off the major pain meds. Amazing how cutting down the amount you are taking can clear the brainfog. I only have a few more weeks and should be up to full speed again.
Love you sweetness.

We promised we would hold down the fort so we did and we know you would do the same for me and kitty

@minnerz22 you are a wizard, i love the mutual assignment and Will make sure its all over the platform. With your permissies we are using it for the onboarding process to. Thank you for being a valuable member here and in the STEEMTERMINAL !!

thanks for the kind words- happy to return the value that Steem and Steem Terminal have brought

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Brilliant video! 👏👌 VP still not good but I did Resteem ☺️

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Thank you! Resteems are always appreciated.

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Your videos are so awesome! Such skillz! 🙌
Tipping you some SHADE tokens!


Thanks Kitty!

Hi minnerz22 the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
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Hey you. I have put your video into the footer for @heyhaveyamet and @steemterminal! Thank you again so much. It just makes me so happy. And thank you @brittandjosie for the gift.