#HHG11 : Know the Culture of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam

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Hello dear Steemians !!!

Currently I again want to discuss about the culture that comes from Sumatra, namely Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam

In Indonesia consists of islands as well as has a diverse ethnic and cultural. Each region has different tribes and cultures.

To know the culture of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam we must know the culture. Aceh culture is a culture that exists in Indonesia.

Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam has unique art and culture.

Below is the culture that comes from Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam:

Traditional House

imageImage Source

Aceh traditional house named Rumoh Aceh. Aceh traditional house made of meranti wood and shaped stage. Has 3 porch of Seuramoe Keu (front porch), Seuramoe Inong (middle porch) and Seuramoe Likot (back porch). In addition there is also a traditional house in the form of rice granaries called Krong Pade or Berandang.

Traditional Clothes

imageImage Source

Traditional clothes worn by Acehnese men are suit with closed neck (cover jacket), long trousers called lacquers and sarong called pendua. The copies that are used are called makutup and a rencong is tucked in front of the stomach.
Women wear clothes up to hips, sable shorts and sarongs to knees. Jewelry used in the form of a necklace called kula, pending or belt, bracelets and anklets. This outfit is used for the purposes of the wedding ceremony.

Tradisional Dance

Here are some traditional dances in Aceh :

Originated from Arabic with Islamic religion background. A dynamic dance full of balance with religious atmosphere. This dance is very popular and famous in Aceh.

Performed in a sitting position berbanjar with the teachings of virtue, especially the teachings of Islamic religion.

Is a dance that symbolizes the life of the fishermen from the manufacture of trawl to fish.

Is a creations dance that emphasizes the skills of playing a musical instrument "tambourine" in the accompaniment of typical agile movements of Aceh. This dance is usually displayed in front of great guests.

Traditional Weapons

imageImage Source

The traditional weapon used by the people of Aceh is Rencong. Prepared rencong made of iron and usually inscribed verses of the Qur'an. In addition to rencong, the people of Aceh also use swords with the name of sugar cane sword, sword on ngom and reudeuh. The sword of sugar cane was worn by warlords and reeded by the soldiers.

Reference Source

And so little information about the culture of Aceh that I can convey in this post.
May be useful.

Stay Blessed and Steem On !!

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Hello, I love the culture of you country that you have shown here. Beautiful architecture, clothing traditional dance and weapons. The clothing are very bright and bold, and are very unique.

The traditional house design is so gorgeous and the knife is just wow! i never saw like this one, Unique i say. If there is any close photo of this design then please do share. i search on google image for close shot, but did not get it.

Hi @gumegxgolgom, Greetings from #HHG11! This is a great culture blog from you. I am so happy to read all about your culture that I never knew about. It's so closely related to Islamic tradition, and very good to know that :D. The groom in the picture looked like you :D
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