Monywa U Phoe Shi

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Sagaing Monywa second fathers will still remain. While the model was still talking ... because of what his fathers and his wife had 33 children ... (Phil) ... This is a parenthesis

Tens of thousands of acres in the center of their own, said the annual mid-year သီးစားချ rent season on me at that time as a family if smoothing marriageable fathers leave per leave သဘောကျလို့ ... we can not leave work in the middle of next year ... if only ...

So we prefer a reservation list of 33 people ... We experienced a small window without any ...

Boe is a 3-storey building was built at the bottom stage to screen a movie called 'Proverbs incumbency to this film. Why are you still there

In this film the actress literally frog room frog At the same room without fathers, leaders arrayed itself then wipe actress already carry floats. Boe has the right to buy the frog leaders possess ... next to the movie then run to wipe out the leaders ... Princess frog room frog ... pure twinkling batch stage lights dark ... if caused glove.
Click the fathers go to the actress who fled the room and comfortable if a movie is no longer .... If you refuse, then Princess Theater နောက်လဲ Rental crisp anymore ... if their ...

Once Nyaung Princess Theater is a beautiful young actress because Boe could ... smooth. Garuda leaders then asked her musical research incumbency literally frog ... Princess room was still not good actress daughter ran up onto his room ... totally disagree without problems right onto Princess Boe stretch What toys picked up and left ...

Boe very very hard for a week, a cape cape mope mope. So fathers, wives cope with the wife, the wife can not stand it then consult with each other and its inhabitants village banyan 5 Pi actress persuaded half due 2 days later Princess .... Boe is the right course.

So the lake around their husband's anger. I heard more than the fathers are willing to go to his mansion then gives thanks to Monywa, the hotel is the older brother Htay would trample the net Aung erased any trial was about to take off your shoes onto their feet, yet surrounded by people in the house next to me ... Still else because she does not ask for the bride-sitting How to explain ...



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